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216 a success
And I thrive....

Training as hard as he can
Insanity takes a stand
And I thrive....

Not lost
Not weak
One true freak.....
And 216 was born.....

:: Fade In ::
:: The scene opens in at Flames' residence, aka the Hart Mansion near Pasadena, California. As most people know, Flames real name is Stan Hart, as he wrestled with that name before he has turned Pro. The Hart family included of the Legendary trainer, Jack Hart, his wife Melissa Hart. Then the Hart children. From first born to last, we have Matthew Hart, Anthony Hart, Crystal Hart, Robert Hart, Betsy Hart, Stan Hart, Jack Hart Jr., Virginia Hart, Jonathan Hart and last but not least, Adam Hart. All of the male Harts have became experinced wrestlers, and all of the female Harts married wrestlers. It's morning, and Flames wakes up tired and hungry. When he gets to the dining room, theres no surprise that Betsy Hart, Flames' older sister is making breakfast. Flames wife, Olga Daniels aka. Olga Tense is also there and Jane and Bobby Hart, Flames' kids. Flames grabs a plate of pancakes with scrambled eggs with sausage and mumbles a thanks from Betsy. ::

Betsy Hart: Well, look whos awake, Stan you've overslept because of wrestling again. When is this going to stop?

Flames: I didn't oversleep... just tired ok. You know how important wrestling is to me and all of the boys. We grew up wrestling, and Betsy, that ain't gonna change. The kids enjoy it... right Jane? right Bobby?

Jane and Bobby Hart: Oh yeah.... wrestling matters in this family.

Betsy Hart: Well Stan, thats what the kids think... anyway, finish those pancakes, you know, they dont eat themesleves.

:: Just when Flames finishes his pancakes, the doorbell rings. Flames answers it. Whenhe opens it, someone in a porcupine hat, wearing dark sunglasses, a black suit, a white shirt and a black tie appears. Flames stares at him funny. Just then, the person gives Flames a right hook to the face. Flames is then down but not out. He gives the person a jab, and the person is immeadetly knocked out. Flames has been suspicious about this man. He is thinking that hes seen this face before, but cant remember when. The sunglasses... the porcupine hat.. Things are coming back to him. In the dining room, Betsy hears something, runs off when at the same time Flames shuts the door. ::

Betsy Hart: Stan! What.....

Flames: Yes, some damn wannabe attacked me, but I got him out of my hair. Tell Olga to take the kids to school... I need some more time to train. You know, I have just joined Lights Out Wrestling and I have a match which i have scheuled an interview for,.... so forget about what just happened. I have to get my Revenge.

Olga Tense: What happened! Did I miss anything?

Flames: It was Scott. Scott Baxter. He probably wants a re-match of when I fought him and kicked his ass. Scott Baxter.. what a wannabe. If he wants the try to mess with Flames..., then so be it!

:: After Flames has finished talking, Olga takes Jane and Boby to school, Betsy goes to work and Flames has just scheuled an interview before Saturday Night Realm. Then the scene fades out. ::

:: Now, the scene fades in at when Flames goes upstairs and waits for the LOW cameramen to come. They come minutes later with Interviewer Sarah Camion. Then the LOW Cameramen view into the Hart mansion's hallway, with a whole bunch of paintings and pictures and photo art that is related to wrestling. The camera scene then fades into the hallway of the Hart mansion. Flames is seen walking down the hallway as he is about to talk. Before he does, interviewer Sarah Camion is chasing him for an interview. Then Flames starts to talk to her. ::

Flames: Another person to bother me... I believe that you are from LOW going to interview me before LOW's show, Saturday Night Realm. Now, what do you have to ask me before my upcoming match?

Sarah Camion: Ok, sorry to bother you Flames, but you have just made a sudden Impact on Lights Out Wrestling. Realm is later tonight. The first matchup is The Virus against you, Flames. Do you have anything to say to him before your upcoming matchup?

Flames: Well well well. Another person chasing for an interview the greatest wrestler of all time, I Flames! Well Sarah, I have a whole bunch of things to say to the Virus. Earlier Virus, you have said that you will take any challenge. Well LOW President Trigger says that I face you In a Junkyard Brawl for a nonm-title matchup against you. Earlier I was attacked by Scott Baxter, one of my arch-enemys. We do happen to be friends.. but he likes to practice around by body slamming people at the front door of their homes. But you know as insane as I am, Flames took Scott and kicked him out! Later on tonight, Realm draws hours closer and so does this lit Flame. I will take this match to the extreme. This will not be a good clean fight. I can assure you that I will come out bledding, and so will you, but I of course, am going to win this match without a doubt. Flames will strike. Insanity will strike. From the Uprise Revolution, It was Marcus Miller, Annihilation, and I, Flames. We were the only 3 who made it. It seems that I am the mightiest out of the three of us. I will threaten and thrive to beat you Virus. I am Flames. And Lights Out Wrestling, all of you should know by now that I mean what I say and I will not stop until it is done. That is why that I am here, Sarah. I am here because that I am the true "Master of Brutality". I will strive to find anyone who thinks they can step up to the challenge to beat, Flames! Its truly easier said than done. And Virus..., I hope that you are listening to every word I am saying now. It wont be easy to beat you in any type of matchup. But I will beat you. Could take he whole show of LOW's card, Saturday Night Realm, but I will do it. I won't give up. You will be tired, and so will I. I will introduce to you, as Mike Mehyu used it, so did I. Crowbar. Virus, make friends with it fast, because Crowbar is in no happy mood now. Never. Everyone had a different strategy to winning a matchup. I have about 5 different stratiges to beating you. And once I defeat you Virus, Lights Out Wrestling is going to know, that I Am Flames!

Sarah Camion: Okay Flames, one more question before we go. How is your experience in Lights Out Wrestling so far? You've been here for a week and already you are making a big impact on coming here.

Flames: It's been great being here Sarah. Mostly everyone here is my type. Agressive. Techinal. Hardcore. Thats how everyone here is. They dont give a damn if your hurt or not. They take shit from nobody. Pretty soon, I'll become LOW World Champion. That will take a matter of time. LOW President Trigger is starting me off slow so I can rise in Lights Out Wrestling. So I can excel. Now I am currently looking for a tag-team partner who acts like me. We will obey no-one. We will listen to nobody. We will be domanint! I have had a friend who once joined a wrestling program who says "The World title is too big for me, I'd prefer the Intercontental". He's dumb. If you join a wrestling program not to win a world Championship, whats the point of joining that wrestling program. When I join a wrestling program, my number one goal is to win that World Championship. To grasp in in my hands. I will not boast. I will not brag. I will ust fight for it. I fight for what I want. If you don't fight, you dont get. If you do fight, you will get. It's one crazy world here... so you've gotta learn how to fight. If you don't, your helpless. You are a waste. And thats what I mean by experience. So, my last words to The Virus are... I Am Flames. VIrus, you know that, I know that, LOW is going to know that, and pretty soon, the whole world is going to know it. I Am Flames.

Sarah Camion: Thank you Flames, and by the way you are talking, it seems that you will become a well-known wrestler in Lights Out Wrestling.

:: Sarah Camion and the LOW cameramen leave the Hart mansion. As Flames leads them to the exit, Flames goes upstairs to his room with his crowbar. He softly repeats: "Don't run with sissors, don't play with matches.., Never Play with Flames... Because you will get burned!". Then the scene comes to a close. ::