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::Fade In::
:: The scene fades into the LOW Headquarters. There are many fans buying LOW merchandise, signing autographs with some LOW superstar agents and doing other thing in that subject. A whole lot of people are waiting in a line to see whats going on. People are buying tickets for LOW's card, Saturday Night Realm. One week before LOW's second pay-per-view, Lights Out Wrestling has added some new wrestlers to their roster. One wrestler had been heard to be in the Uprise Revolution, LOW's now defunct training federation. He was popluar in Uprise Revolution, mysterious, but was well-known. He was on LOW's wating list, the first wrestler on top next to Marcus Miller and Annihilation. Some famous people here are legends, like the Meyhu brothers or Jesse Jamester or CADE or Lotus. All of these people have been Legends in Lights Out Wrestling. This newest person will make a sudden Impact on Lights Out Wrestling too. ::

:: Now the scene fades in the hallway of a whole bunch of lockerrooms/dressing rooms. There some wrestlers are just getting ready for Saturday Realm, other wrestlers are lifting weights and others are getting makeup done. The cameramen zoom through the hallway, then turn left, then we finally arrive in front of a lockerroom that says in big bulk letters, FLAMES. Now the LOW cameramen know that the member from Uprise Revolution who was on the top of the waiting list, Flames. Flames had a 0-1-0 record in Uprise Revolution, but he was sensational, and took things to new levels. Flames was unforgettable, he left without a trace, secretly training for LOW. Flames then proved himself right to people like Commisoner Matt Meyhu, and LOW President Trigger. Flames is destined to leave his mark on LOW and become a unforgettable legend. The cameramen go around and think they hear some sort of sounds around the hallway. It is coming from Flames' lockerroom. The cameramen and an Interviewer knock on the door. There is no response. They knock on it another time. No response. Then they try to open the knob. As they open it, Flames opens the door, and they all fall over. When they get up, Flames starts to talk. ::

Flames: Don't you people knock first? What do you want, I am trying to train for my match, but I cant concentrate because of your gay knocking.

Interviewer: Okay, sorry to bother you Flames, but I am interviewing all the newest LOW wrestlers, and you are the last one to go. Ok, question number 1. How do you feel about arriving to LOW.. I mean it must be great to feel what you are feeling.

Flames: How do you know what I'm feeling? I feel whatever anyone feels when they come here to LOW. I am destined to wear gold. And that will happen very quickly. Flames will take any challenge, to anyone, any place, any time, at any condition. I lay down for nobody. I don't do favors for no-one. LOW, this is how I am, so get used to it. I only team with people who act like me. People who dont give a shit to anyone. And thats the person I want to team with. I haven't been here long, but I know one thing. Lights Out Wrestling is one tough place to be... and they know that I am worthy of being here in ths time of need. I am a true wrestler, hell with the soap operas, hell with the fashion. I just came here to wrestle. I came here to win gold and be a true wrestler to this federation. All knees will be forced to bow to I, and I will make sure that happens, even if that takes a lifetime. I've been in federations where I ruled, held world championships, stuff like that. But this place ain't for kids. This is LOW. And I will do what I do best. I thrive to become the best. I am not well known yet, but when I do become well known... the flame will burn brightest. This Flame will burn brightest.

Interviewer: Okay, next question. Flames, how do you feel about facing another newcomer to LOW, I believe that his name is "The Virus". You will face him in a Junkyard Brawl. Do you have any comments to him before Realm?

Flames: Virus, I may not know you, and you may not know me, but when we step into the junkyard. Prepare for something that you have experienced through your life. Pain. This match may be my first matchup in Lights Out Wrestling, but I will not take any crap from nobody... espically you. You may have sprayed your virus across other people, but you will stop spreading it until you face me. When we step into that junkyard, this will be our playground. We will "play nice" on the swings, and on the sandbox and on the slide. Once we play nice, We will play mean. I will give you everything I have and more. I Flames, will walk out as the winner, and my LOW record will become 1-0-0. Once I beat you, Virus, I will keep my win/loss/draw record at that rate. Eventually, I will become more than something here and it will last very long. Becoming something over here is better than becoming nothing. Whatever I say, I mean it until I am finished with that topic. I will beat every living sentimental in you Virus, and the Virus will become cured. Like you, I am also new here. I know it, and you know it. I dont know your strengths and your weaknesses, but I have a whole bunch of strategies to beat you down. After I deal with you, I then will have just proven that I am excedingly mightier then you and you will have already learned that Flames has just burned out the whole virus. Once I strike, I will not stop until my opponent falls. That would be considered a knock-out. And that is exactly what I would do to you. You Virus, you are just a test I have to take until I fight the champions. I will pass that test, Virus. That will be no difference of when I face other people later in LOW. Later on, we will become veterans in this federation, and we will surely not see things eye to eye. Since I am fighting you, I am thinking about something. "Should I form a team with you" or "Should we become foes". My senses are telling me to go toward "should we become foes". I dont know yet, but Virus, we will put on a hell of a show. Right now, I will face the fact that I will beat you, thats all there is to it. So on this junkyard, we will set a standard to all wrestlers around the world. Junkyard Brawl. That will become one of the greatest, well-known matches all time in LOW. Around the world. The next person I face, I will study you and I will find out your weaknesses and your strengths. It will be just another challenge for me. Anytime I become a new member in a new wrestling federation, I always have to get into some sort of challenge before I go to the Big Timers. Thats what exactly what is going to happen here in LOW. I will excel at a normal level, then rise, slowly until I need to do what is needed. So after I sign checks with you, Virus, I will take more challenges until enough is enough. What I mean by "enough is enough", is that I will have a title shot. Interviewer, next question.

Interviewer: Okay Flames, the last question is, when you joined Uprise Revolution to train harder to get into LOW, you said something about... "This is yet just another federation, I will strike at". Flames, what did you mean?

Flames: What I mean by that, I mean I will strike at the person who is in my way. I will become the best wrestler in LOW, I will also make sure I let my guard down... I always let my guard down, yet, I am agressive, I am hardcore, I am extreme. But they dont call me the "Insane Flame" for nothing. I got the nickname "Insane" when I was about 10 or 11 years old. Some overweight kid about my age picked on my little sister. I then said "bring it on fat boy". He took a couple of cheap shots at me, then I kicked his nuts with my silver boots. Just then.. I found some matches in my pocket. Lit it and...... he then wished he wasnt born. Oh yeah, I also got 1 year of Juvinile Hall. But my point is, I will give no mercy at that person who boasts that Flames is just another wannabe. So, Virus, Just 2 days until you say your prayers. Realm draws closer and closer, and so does the lit flame. I will not lose to a person like you. I have heard you talk and say you are the best-ever. That will all change, friend. You are just another thing in my way. You mean absolutely nothing to me. I dont need to have a match with you, but then again I do Virus. I need to prove to you, the fans and to LOW that I will not back out of any challenge. I am Flames... and I have kept my word for the past years. I have plently of experience compared to you. And all experienced wrestlers have a catchphrase with them through the years. Don't run with sissors. Don't play with matches. Never play with FLAMES.... because you will get burned!

Interviewer: Thank you Flames, thats all I needed to know. Good Luck in LOW, and I know what you mean will become true.

:: As the scene fades to black, a song is heard through the hallway. ::

216 a success
And I thrive....

Training as hard as he can
Insanity takes a stand
And I thrive....

Not lost
Not weak
One true freak.....
And 216 was born.....

:: The scene fades to black. ::