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216 a success
And I thrive....

Training as hard as he can
Insanity takes a stand
And I thrive....

Not lost
Not weak
One true freak.....
And 216 was born.....

:: Fade In ::
:: The scene takes place in the glorious city of Pasadena, California. The FWF camera travels around Pasadena, California and catches sight of the Pasadena Civic Auditorium. Then it catches sight of the Hart Mansion. The Hart Mansion is where legends are born. Jack Hart Sr. is the trainer and transforms all beginner wrestlers into stars or superstars. Matthew Hart was the first to turn pro and graduate from Jack Hart's Academy of Wrestling. Then it was Robert, Jonathan, Anthony, Adam, and Jack Jr.. Most importantly, a man named Stan Hart graduated from this academy too. You might know Stan Hart as the FWF Superstar Flames. ::

:: Now we see the scene zooming inside the Hart Mansion. It is Saturday, 9:05 AM Pacific Standard Time and Flames, Olga Hart and their children Jane and Bobby are dining to a 3 course meal of breakfast in their wing of the house. Their private first-class butler from England Jenkins LaCroix made them the meal, and who normally doesn't say much, starts a conversation with Flames and Olga. ::

Jenkins LaCroix: Master Stan, I know that you and your royal family enjoy having me here, and I have been here for quite so long, and my work greatly surpasses the wage I make so I have a question. May I recieve a raise... Please?

Flames: Well Jenkins, there's no way how I can say that youve done a great job for my family and I agree with your reasoning, so you will get a raise. Just ask my daddy, Jack Hart Sr. You know how my dad is with these kind of things... since he is old. Hes probably going to complain and say things like "Erm... you young people today. It's all about the doh, the ka-ching, the bling-bling, the g's and not about the enjoyment of what we do." All the crap the elderly say. Well Good luck!

Olga Hart: Don't forget Stan, you have a really important interview with someone in the FWF today at 12:00 noon.

Flames: Don't remind me.... um I mean that's super! I honestly can't wait for that reporter to interview me. Rumor has it that ever since Comishioner Heidi took over, she's made trades and now I went from Ground Zero to Retaliation. There is another rumor going on that the FWF is dying. If the FWF is dying, than, I have to save it. Unanimously, I was the best wrestler in the FWF until i got injured 2 years ago. Now that I am back, I have to make the impact like I did when I joined the FWF. The FWF isn't going to die. Because I will not let it die. It will be me, me and 2 other people, or me and all of the FWF stars to help save the FWF. The FWF will live on forever... as long as I am around. Signew is no longer in the FWF. The Bear is no longer with the FWF. Soon, more FWF legends will not be in the FWF anymore is we... I mean I do something about this. I will not rest until the FWF is 110% saved. I Will Not Let It DIE!

Olga Hart: (hesitates)... alrighty Stan! Save the FWF and when you do I'll give you the best night of your life!

Flames: Your gonna give me se...

Olga Hart: Yup! I'm gonna take you to a Sacramento Kings game. I've already invited the whole family. Were sitting in the second row next to the Governor of California. Arnold Schwartzenegger!

Flames: The Terminator in charge of California -- in a Kings game? Now I've seen just about everything. Except for a flying pizza...!

:: Breakfast is just about over. Olga takes Jane and Bobby to the park as Flames gets ready for his most important interview. Flames changed his look for the interview. He sports long, dark red hair with some black hair. He decided to grow a goatee, but that didn't work well so instead, he went with 5:00 shadow. He is wearing a white dress shirt with a black suit and matching pants. He also is wearing his favorite tie, a looney tunes tie. Finishing off his look, he has Nike Air force 1 from the year Nike started off in 1972. The doorbell rings as Flames comes to get it. ::

:: Flames opens the door and its the FWF reporter. Flames shows them to the Hart dining room as the FWF cameramen get prepared to launch a live telecast via the Hart Mansion. ::

FWF Reporter: Flames, I know that there is tons of controversy here in the FWF. Flames, what are your thoughts about the FWF's current downward sprial?

Flames: Ladies, gentlemen and others, you all might know me as one of the rising superstars of the FWF. I am Flames! I am here in my luxurious home right here in Pasadena, California and I know that the FWF is facing hard times. No, it is not financial problems, but it is the attitude of all of the wrestlers in the FWF. Ever since people were traded by Commishinoner Heidi and Thomas Robert Clayton aka TRC, the FWF has went to major tension. I was released from Cloud 9 because of my decision to go to Retalation. I felt that it was a great decision for me, but the FWF Writer had other thoughts in mind. I could have ruled Ground Zero if I had went there, but I wanted to join Cloud 9. But when I had found out that If I decided to join Retaliation, I would have to leave Cloud 9. So my decision was to stay in Retaliation, for the FWF's sake. But I will take things beyond

FWF Reporter: If you had complete control of the FWF, like a dictator, what would do to help "save" the Fantasy Wrestling Federation?

Flames: Hmmm.... If I were in complete control of the FWF, I would advertise it. I would get more people to get noticed in the FWF. In the FWF, there's the high-class middle-class and the low-class, just like in real life. The high class always gets the big check, and is always in control, like.. say... me! And the lower class FWF wrestlers hardly get noticed. If I had total power, I would give the low class more draft picks so that they would become noticed which would lead them into becoming better wrestlers. I totally respect the FWF Writer, but these are just my thoughts. To everyone in the FWF, Expect the Unexpected!

FWF Reporter: Will this at all affect your wrestling career?

Flames: No, it will definitely will not. When Kasper pinned me in that match at BloodBath IV, I was pissed, but I am still the same wrestler with the same attitude with the same purpose. To hold gold. The only reason why anybody comes to the FWF is to become a champion. Mainly to become the FWF champion. Once I will become the FWF champion, nobody else will win it back. I hold on to things tightly and I never let go of my grasp. I will win and I will be inducted into the Fantasy Wrestling Federation as one of the FWF's greatest wrestlers if not THE greatest FWF wrestler of all time. The FWF will remember me as one of the greatest of all time. Sure, even the greats lose matches, but I recover fast. I want every single wrestler in the FWF to know that I am the Insane Flame, and I will be taunting fear at all of you. All of you will remember what fear is, but then it would be too late. So everyone in the FWF, I have a famous saying that has scared people. Don't run with sissors, don't play with matches, Never play with FLAMES..... Because you WILL... GET... BURNED!!!

FWF Reporter: Thank you Flames, and I'm sure that you are a man of your word.

:: The interview ends, but will the Insane Flame keep his word on becoming the best wrestler in the FWF. I sure think so. We will keep you updated on what the Insane Flame is going to do next! It looks like Flames will be taunting fear at everyone. ::
:: Fade Out ::

Insane as it gets
Taking the suspense
And I thrive....

Voices are surrounding
It feels like its pounding
And I thrive

Truly Destined
Truly Hated
Just Dev-as-tated
And 216 lives on