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(Fade In)
(The scene fades in at Flames Locker Room..... There his family members are at his locker room celebrating his victory as he beat the FWF Hardcore champion.... Devastator. Then An Interview has been scheulded with "The Insane One".)

Interviewer: Hello Flames and Congratulations on your match with Devastator. Now your FWF Record is 3-0-0. You have a match against Damien tonight at FWF Ground Zero... How do you feel...?

Flames: Let me make this quick. Damien, I remember you in the AWF.... remember that federation.... remember the defectors? I crushed all three of your asses then and I will do the same now. I am "The Insane One" and I don't give a s*it to whoever talks with me about hwow I suck. Damien..... I am better that you... I an more Insane than you..... I am More Advanced then you and I wrestle much much better than You. I am Flames... and So far I have kept my word. My FWF Record is 3-0-0 and at the rate thats going... I will still be the best..... FOREVER!!!!! After I "reason" with you Damien I will face Preator.... Well Preadtor... you claim you are the "SOB You dont wanna mess with".... Let me tell you something. You have never came in close Contact with The Insane Flame... I have never steped with you because I am new here... but face the fact that I am not in your way.... But I will soon be in your Way. Next Week... I face you for the #1 contender to fight the FWF Champion.... Signew. Preadtor.... I didnt come here into the FWF Just to lose. I came to win some gold... and I already did that by kicking Prevention's @$$... but no-one... no-one proves ME wrong. I am The Insane Flame and insanity will give birth to more insanity... and when that Happens.... you will wish that you were never born... So... Damien... I'll see you tonight... and Preadtor.... you seem like a good wrester too... but I have to set aside the complements... to kick your ass!

Interviewer: Thank you Flames... and with the way your talking... you will win your match with Damien.

(The Scene fades to black as Flames heads out the locker room.)