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(Fade In)
(The scene fades In at the FWF Headquarters. Fans are lining up outside to buy tickets for tonights FWF Card, FWF Retailation. Some people came in as early as 5:00 AM just to be the first in line to get the best seats. FWF Retalliation is the last show before the Pay-Per-View, FWF Revenge. Most of the fans have gotten into the building and cheers for the wrestlers. The scene fades to Black.)

(Now the Scene fades into the FWF Backstage Area. The FWF Wrestlers are getting makeup and their hair done for Retalliation. Everyone is excited about the FWF Pay-Per-View, Revenge. The FWF Cameramen fade this scene out.)

(We now arrive at FWF Superstar, Flames Lockerroom. Flames has made a sudden impact at on the FWF Since arriving here. He has interfered in one particular match Devastator vs. Killer. That match, the whole world knew that Flames Doesnt Play.)

(Finally, An FWF Interviewer knocks on Flames' lockerroom door. The Background of his lockerroom is black, with deep red lights flashing around the room. Flames then hears the Interviewer's Knock and opens the door.)

(Flames sits down, cracking his knuckles as the Interviewer begins to talk.)

Interviewer: Hello there Flames. How are you doing?

Flames: Im doing great... Now, what did you come here to tell me?

Interviewer: Flames, I came here to ask a few questions. Now, Question First, What are your concerns with facing Prevention tonight at Retalliation?

Flames: I will beat everything in Prevention. It seems that he doesnt talk. You know what I think? Prevention is afraid. Prevention is very afraid. He is afraid of the Insane One. Once I unleash insanity.... you should take a picture.. it lasts longer. Prevention, Tonight is the night where we "dance". We will dance in the middle of the ring and I will show you I am the better man. Actually... It doesn't seem like you are a man. You haven't spoken once about this match, with Me and I would suggest that you don't speak at all. If I were you I would keep my mouth shut. But I am not you.... I am FLAMES! Tears of Terror will be too powerful to feel. You wont have nowhere to Run. You will have nowhere to hide. Even your little sister will stand up to the challenge, and she seems more MANLY then you do Prevention. I have Spoken about you just once. But that doesnt mean I will step away from this matchup with you and me. Prevention... your a wimp. You need a male valet around you.. seems like your very own bodyguard. I do not need a Valet, male or female. I do everything on my own. I am not concerned about a tag team partner, I thought that I and smoke were going to be tag partners, but it seems like the HardKore Maniax is too small for Flames. I am a person who keeps my word. When I am going to kick ass, I mean it. When I will nail a Flamethrower, I mean it. When I say I will unleash my most terrible move..... yes... whats that.... THE FLAME SHOT.... I mean it. I am Flames, and when Flaming Insanity comes up, taps you on the shoulder and does what it has to do, It will do It..... Next Question Interviewer man.

Interviewer: Ok, Flames, Question Second. How do you feel about facing Devastator at the FWF Pay-Per-View, Revenge.

Flames: I have some many words from this person, Devastator. Devastator.... I will unleash Revenge... and Payback's gonna be a B*tch for you. A true B*tch. Devastator, that squared circle.... that ring right there, that will be in our playground. We will "play nice" at the playground. We will play at the sandbox, and the swings and at the slide. But this Flame isn't nice. I will devastate you and I will demolish Demolisher. After I win the dancing contest with Prevention, I will hold onto my first piece of Gold. HardKore Gold. Its gonna be a never-ending nightmare for you Devastator. I will prevail on you and introduce you to this..... (Flames picks up the famous crowbar of his.) My good ol' frend. Tht Crowbar. The Crowbar and I have been together ever since I was 7. Weve been through good times and bad times... In ths case, Devastator... this is going to be good times. Good times are non-forgeting. Crowbar's first word was "Bloody Murder". And Bloody Murder it will be once I bring him out the the FWF. Devastator, be very familiar with the words, "bloody murder". If you dont, you will get your#####kicked. If you do.... you still will get your#####kicked. Crowbar has been through unfamilar places with people who thought they can Prove Flames wrong. And you know what, they have been taught a lesson.... Never play with FLAMES....... Because you will get burned!!! Next Question.

Interviewer: Flames, Last Question. Any last words to Signew before Retaliation and the FWF Pay-Per-View, Revenge?

Flames: Signew, Signew, Signew...... god you bore me. As you say..... FEEL......... MY................BBBBBBOOOOOOOORRRRREEEEEEEEEE!!!! Signew, we feel it. The Bore has gotten through all our minds, and after your little chat with Thomas Robert Clayton aka. TRC, I will guarantee, that I will make sure that you and I..... Flames will step toe-to-toe face-to-face with that... the FWF World Championship. TRC held the title 6 times..... ####... he lost the world title six times.... you suck TRC. Signew, I don't know how long you have held the FWF World Championship, but the way I see it, you lost it a lot of times just to get it back. Commisioner Censor.... I dont know If I told you already, But I want a Match with Signew for the World Championship..... if that is he still holds that title. If or when Signew Loses, I will step up to the challenge with Thomas Robert Clayton aka TRC. Whoever wins, I will make sure i will introduce, Crowbar and its favorite words, "Bloody Murder". Signew, you are a person you cant let your guard down. You always talk trash. That will all change when I become FWF World Champion and keep the FWF under my wing. The FWF will become an even greater federation. So Signew....... be prepared. I will unleash it all and you will regret what will happen. After Revenge, I shall become the FWF World Championship. And that wont take a long time. That wont take a long time.

Interviewer: Thank you Flames, and I know you will win your win your matches Tonight at Retalliation and on Sunday's Pay-Per-View FWF Revenge.

(The Scene Fades to Black as Flames drops the crowbar on the floor...)