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(Fade In)
(The Scene Fades in at a Graveyard. The weather is foggy but humid. There are graves all over the yard and some skeletons are sticking out since it just rained. The foggy sky just turned into a thunderstorm as the rain conrols some of the old weak graves. The FWF Cameramen zoom into another part of the graveyard...)

(Now the Scene turns into a deeper part of the graveyard. Someone just died, and a priest and a whole bunch of family members are nearby. The rain pours harder and harder by the second.)

(The FWF Cameramen zoom out of the TV, and now know that this is coming from Flames, One of the newest members of the Fantasy Wrestling Federation, is watching. On the TV, when the priest and the guards bury the person, lightning strikes and the Person is given life..... to kill.)

(Flames turns off the TV, as now he is ready to talk about things happeining in the FWF.)

Flames: Oh, hi. I was just watching something on pay-per-view.... so sad. Anyway, things are going well for me at the FWF. I have been talked about a lot and I'm on my way to become a FWF superstar. 3/4 of the Legends of the FWF are still in the FWF. I will very quickly become a FWF legend without a doubt. I will rise from the grave. I will do the unthinkable. I will be the best faster than anyone else in the history of the FWF. That will all happen in a split second. Like magic... it will happen. My FWF Record is 1-0-0 and I will keep it at that rate. No losses, no draws. Just wins. I kicked Your Last Sacrifice's a** and that didnt take much work. He was a sprout in the garden. Now, onto Retalliation. Not muchwrestlers participate in this event, I happen to be in it.......

(Flames is interuppeted by FWF Staff telling him hes on to go to the ring.)

Announcer: Making his way from Pasadena, California, he is standing at 6'7'' weighing 265 pounds. He is the number one contender for the FWF Hardcore Championship, please welcome.... Flames!!!!

(Flames walks his way down the ramp as he grabs a microphone and starts to talk. The crowd cheers uncontrollably and some fans try to get into the ring for autographs. When the crowd seems to simmer down, Flames starts to talk.)

Flames: For those of you who still don't know me, I am the one and only..... FLAMES!!!!! Now, As you have seen, I beat Your Last Sacrifice at my first-ever FWF Matchup. That was just a sampleof what I am going to do to.... Prevention!!!! I face Prevention at Retalliation.... The Last Show before FWF Revenge 2002.... before I get my hands on the FWF Hardcore Championship. Prevention, get ready to get your a** prevented when I do what I normally do..... Kick a**. All I have to do is get this match out my way when I face and beat the FWF Hardcore Champion. Prevention.... your an idiot. You think you can beat, the Next FWF Champion Flames? You are out of your little mind! I can beat anyone, anyplace, anytime at anything. Because I am Flames. Come Retalliation, this Friday, August 16, 2002, there will be a price to pay. There will be Revenge!!!! Signew, the FWF Champion faces TRC at Revenge 2002. TRC... when you begin to talk you always say "This is Thomas Robert Clayton a.k.a. TRC". WE KNOW WHO THE HELL YOU ARE! Signew will kick that hairy a** of yours and retain being the FWF Champion. Bad news Signew. You won't have that World Championship for long. After I sign checks with the FWF Hardcore Champion, You wont be Champion for long. Signew, Hold on to that Title tight... because it's going to be a matter of minutes after that slips away from your hands. Signew... at first I thought I can form a team with you, but I have other plans brother. I think you will be too busy having unprotected sex with Kiara, so I wont step in.(CROWD LAUGHS). So I will fight you. I don't care about you, I care about that..... That right there, the FWF World Championship. Its a piece of gold I will soon get my hands on, possibly forever. Signew... as you as the FWF Champion.... your giving the FWF a bad image. But when I win the FWF Championship.... The FWF's Image is going to become a well noticed one. The FWF will be the best Organisation in the World..... when I become Champion. Signew... good luck with your match against TRC a.k.a. Thomas Robert Clayton, and Good Luck against, Me Flames..... Because your gonna need it pal. You are going to need it more than anyone else is. Because when we step in..... its going to go Beyond Hardcore..... Beyond Extreme.

(The Crowd cheers uncontrollably as they cheer even more for Flames.)


Flames: Now onto the FWF Commisioner Censor. Commish, you are a fine man indeed. You have earned your respect from everybody in the FWF. You have helped the FWF what is is becoming today. The best in the world. I know you will keep it better. So how about After FWF Revenge 2002, I get a title shot? (CROWD CHEERS UNCONTROLLABLY) The FWF will become much better off when I become Champion. I will be inducted into the FWF Hall of Fame. The History of the FWF will add a new page. The Era of the FWF is going to be larger than life. So, Commish Censor, I'll give you time to think about it and Tell me after FWF Revenge 2002. I will come in with nothing. And I will walk out as the Next FWF World Champion. Preventon.... any last words? Good. I thought So. You are going lose the old fashion way. The way you always loose. FWF Fans, I will be back very soon, Probably before Retallation. So one more thing..... Don't Run with Sissors, Don't play with Matches, Never play with Flames....... Because you will get burned!!!! So... things will go beyond hardcore..... Beyond Extreme!!!!!

(The crowd cheers like mad as Flames puts the microphone down as his music hits. The scene then fades to black.)