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(Fade In) (The scene arrives in the FWF Headquarters. There is a whole bunch of FWF Legends and Good Wrestlers. People pass by the main desk as one person looks by the building and asks for an application. He is wearing a porcupine hat, dark sunglasses, and a black suit with a red tie. He takes a paper from the attendant. He is automatically Accepted in.)

(Now the Scene fades into The FWF Backstage area. There are a whole bunch of lockerrooms and dressing rooms and makeup rooms. The person walks down the hallway, up the stairs, goes around the corner and finally finds his room. In big Bulk letters, The Room title says "Flames")

(Finally, the guy who may be this "Flames" Character sits on a chair. The FWF Cameramen zoom into the guy. Now the FWF cameramen go live...)

Flames: For those of you people who don't know me, I am..... FLAMES!!! I have come here to introduce myself in front of everybody today. I have a match against Your Last Sacrifice on the next card. I have heard him talk trash about me and I can tell him 1 thing... Amateur! The guy looks too much like a beginner if you ask me. I am FWF World Champion material. The FWF Writer just started me off slow so i can acclerate. I will become an FWF Legend. Retaliation will come YLS.... and when It comes i will do the unthinkable. I will unleash it all. You will wish you never came to the FWF YLS. A name like that comes up when your in the bathroom taking a whiss. Anyway... I will become the Next FWF Hardcore Champion and everything will go beyond extreme. I have faced wrestlers who took things beyond Extreme. YLS, you are not one part of Extreme. I will hold the FWF Hardcore Championship for th longest reign in the history of the FWF. I respect all of the FWF Champions right now except for you YLS. I do things on my own my way. I have followed Smoke, my long time friend in the FWF. Smoke knew how to take things to the Extreme. We became Tag-Champions in many federations. This time, I will become tag-team champions once again with Smoke. Before I came here to the FWF, I have seen People like TRC and Chris Signew. They gave no mercy to whoever faced them. They earned their respect by beating down people who thought to prove them wrong. I will do that to you YLS. I am a veteran in this business. Your one of those people who have been in those Training federations for years without any progress. I have won over 20 World Championships in different Federations. In the FWF, I will open a new chapter in my title history. I will become the next FWF World Champion. After I beat your ass down YLS, I will be destined to become the Next FWF World Champion. I will be put in the FWF Hall of Fame very quickly. Signew has done it. TRC has done it. And I will do it. I will earn all the respect I rightly deserve. Tick-Tock..... Time is coming. YLS, you will regret that you ever thought ahead. Nobody judges Flames. And for those of you who think they can open a can of whoop-ass.... Just Shut up. You know, you should change your name. You Lost Sucker!

(Flames picks up a weapon from his locker. A weapon he likes to call.... Crowbar.)

Flames: You know... I wish I joined the FWF earlier. You see this crowbar in my hand. This is a legend of what I have did to people who underestimated me. People who thought they were better than me. I will make sure I destroy the every sentimental in you YLS. This match is just in my way. A warmup of what will happen when I face the Future World Champion. I will eventually hold the Hardcore Championship on one shoulder, and the World Championship on the other. The time will come. And we will take things beyond Hardcore. Beyond Extreme..... (The Scene fades to black as we hear these words "Beyond Extreme".)