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FcW Roleplay #2

:: The Scene is set in an opening FcW house show. Flames is in his locker room, getting ready to say an important announcement in front of his fans. Right there, an Interveiwer from the FcW staff comes up to him and starts to talk. ::

Interviewer: Hello there Flames. We found out not too long ago that you are the newest member in the Fearless Championship Wrestling Entertainment. So We find out that on June 15, 2002 FCW's King of the Ring Pay-Per-View card will come with explosive matches and Flames, you're in one of them. How will that affect you right now?

Flames: That's right. I am in one of the matches for the King of the Ring PPV. And the match that I'm in fits me perfectly. A 20 minute time limit Hardkore Title Match. I'm facing a bunch of suck-ups that have no chance in hell to beat me. I am FLAMES. I will be facing Lita, Booker T, Jeff Hardy, BreakDown, Justin Sykez, Lizzy, Cece, Jen, Psycho Boy, Benoit, Kirsten Dumas and the Rock. That is NOTHING of what I had to face in other feds. I had to face, what, 20+ people in Hardcore title matches and I came out with the title. Thats the same i will do over here. I will give all these people what I got. The Insane Era will rise more intense than ever before. I know I can win the FCW World Championship but Ice is starting small with me. I will win this match if it's the last thing I do.

Interviewer: Okay Flames, Thats all our time and I hope you win the FCW Hardcore title.

:: The Interviewer leaves Flames' locker room and Flames does so too with a microphone. Seconds later...... BAM!!!!! A burst of fire launches with pyro as Flames comes out and into the ring for the first time. He taunts as his music plays.

:: There, Flames walks down his ramp, the fans scream in excitement as he lifts his hands in the air and..... BAM!!!!! Fire explodes from the turnbuckle as the ring shakes. Everything stops as Flames starts to talk.

Flames: Well, this is the first time i'm meeting you FCW Fans so I want to tell you something. I will win the FCW HardKore Championship and walk out a Champion. Flames always plays with fire, and he never gets burned. I don't think that the Prezident of this fed always fights for the World Title but I will rise up winning match by match and eventually win the FCW World Title. The Insane Era will take XTREME to the MAX!!!! I will beat all of those dumasses and Walk out the HardKore Champion even if I have to do something I will regret. Well, Flames doesn't regret. Well, all my times up and I will win that match at King of The Ring.

:: Flames leaves the ring and goes into his locker room. The scene turns black ::