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     On December 18, 1971, a baby was born. This baby was a usual, normal baby, causing no trouble at his baby stage. His name was Stan Hart. Jack and Melissa Hart gave birth, and was happy to give it to Stan. At Stan's early age, his family was a wrestling family. A legendary wrestling Family. Jack Hart, Born on 1947, Jack lived in a tent with his family. When he was 15, he took up wrestling at a local YMCA. By 18, he got his degree. His first son, Matthew, was well trained and went on to local federations. Then Anthony, Jonathan, Robert and Jack Jr. wemt on to train. But Stan didn't want to become a wrestler. He was terribly shy. But wrestling really helped for Stan, for example, at school, a bully was picking on his little sister, Virginia. Stan invertened. Stan SWORE that he will kill that fat-ass kid. So after school, Stan went into a alley, and they fought. The Bully pushed his head, Stan kicked him in his nuts, then had matches in his pocket. The bully was still on the floor when, Stan lit the match on The Bullys face. The kid started to cry. Stans friends put him on their shoulders, celebrating a victory. That gave him the name "Insane" Stan Hart. When Stan went to the 6th grade, he took up Junior wrestling program which he got a top degree on. But things didnt seem to go well for Stan. He got expelled from school by cursing at the principals face and then spitting at her. 9th Grade was the worst for Stan. He got run over by a drunk driver and was nearly crippled for life because of that. Stan Recovered at age 16. He had to admit, he was being a bad ass, and he liked it. At age 17, Stan left his family and joined the "Bloods". A gang that gave shit to nobody. He joined because they had his favorite colors, red and black. Stan looked back on his life and said: "What a waste...". He quit the bloods, and took up college. He went to Penn University, hoping to go to college. When he took his S.A.T. test he passed with a miraculous 81% average, but didnt want to go to Penn. He joined Harvard and met a BEAUTIFUL girl named Olga Daniels. Stan fell in love with her, and told her about his life. Olga was shocked about what happened to him and decided to be his girlfriend. Stan was pleased. After 2 years of college, he and Olga got restless. He joined a local federation, called the KWF (Killer Wrestling Federation) (Real Backyard fed). He won the KWF US Title, the KWF Egyptian Title and well off to win the KWF World Title. When Stan turned 21, he and Olga went into a resturant. Stan then asked Olga to marry him on his birthday. She proudly said yes. They made out in the middle of the resturant. Then Stan joined a local federation called the XWO. He made only $50 bucks a night, so he quit. Since both of them haven't completed College, they didn't have much money and lived in a 1-bedroom apartment. Stan went on to find a job and Olga became a homemaker. They lived in Pasadena, California. Stan got a job as a employee at McDonalds and made $10 bucks an hour, since he was promoted in 1 day. Olga, however, didn't feel well. She kept on barfing and barfing, when she always looked healthy. Stan didn't know what to do so he called 9-1-1 but the operator was on his lunch break. Stan got into his 1992 Honda car and drove Olga to the Hospital. Stan and Olga had the best news. They were going to have a baby. The sex of the baby wasn't known yet, but they were excited. Since he needed more money, he quit McDonalds after good pay and started his wrestling carrer again. But he wasn't going to use "Insane" Stan Hart. He changed into a bizarre figure, metallic red and regular red sparked all ver his body. He died his hair from brown to red. And he called himself... "Flames". Firey Orange-Red hair and and no facial hair, Flames wasn't really bizarre. The girls liked him, knowing he was in his early 20's. Flames went to the EWWA (Extreme World Wrestling Alliance) and beat Viper but won no titles then, and not after long, he left. Olga was 7 months pregnant and Flames had enough money to buy a home entertainment system, the well enough money that the EWWA Paid him. By 8 and a half months, It was time for Olga to go to the Hospital. They were going to have a baby girl. The full nine months came and they had the beautiful baby. They named it Jane.
     Stan and Olga Hart didn't have it easy with Jane. She was hard to calm down and could easily get her temper up. Jane turned 1 year old, and the family was nearly broke so Stan went back at being Flames and Olga went back at being a homeaker. Stan signed an appilication to join CWA (Championship Wrestling Alliance) and got the job. He ended up winning the World title by beating Monster. He made an astounding $1.5 million a year. But the fed wasn't going well and after only 4 years at debuting, it closed down. Flames was angered because he found three wrestling programs but none of them helped him. Stan decided to retire and move back to the Hart Mansion near Los Angeles, California. Stan told his parents, Jack and Melissa Hart to give him tips about being a husband and a parent. He hadn't seen his family in 6 years so they gave him apology and told him what to do. It was 1995 and Olga was going to have another baby, this time, a boy. All of the Hart boys, From Anthony to Adam all married and had children but it was different in Stan's case. He was forced to move out and do the rest of his life on his own. In 1996, the worst thing happened. Olga was 8 months pregnant, Jane was just about to have her fourth birthday when Stan was arrested. He was framed for bombing a buisness building and was going to be behind bars for 4 years. Olga was pissed at Stan, thinking that he bombed it. Well, the baby came, Olga naming it Bobby and the police found out that Stan was framed. The Hart Family then sued the Pasadena Police and won their case. Olga forgave Stan, Jane missing 3 birthdays without her father and Bobby, never being held by his dad. Stan held his baby-boy, that time 3 years old and cried. It was August '99 and the city was on a crazed heat wave. 130F degrees, 40 people dying of the result. This made Stan think to go back to E-Wrestling. Quickly, Flames was hired by Famous "Prez" Pheonix of the UWF (Universal Wrestling Federation). Flames kept his skill, wits, and charm to win and be the only UWF IC Champion, facing Popular Heel Ca$h and his long time friend Smoke. Then, Flames went on to win a tag-team tournament with Spades, a wrestler in the UWF. Flames was arguably the most famous wrestler in the UWF. Sadly, it closed down. So Flames tried out in the SWF, failed to win 1 title, BWA, won the world title, FWF, Intercontental title, Becoming President of the AWF, then joining the backstabbing ALWF, holding the World and the Tag Team titles for 6 months, his longest title reign. Never officialy joining the IWO but won the world title there and won the HCW Undisputed Championship. Then, the United States Wrestling Federation (USWF). It was a banged up federation, closing down for nearly a year until, Flames and Smoke, both in the USWF Training center when they rebuilt the USWF and brought it out to the E-Fedding world. The USWF was the best until it was wrecked. Olga was starting to get worried about Stan, Y2K coming up and all of this comotion coming up in the World. January 1, 2000, one of the Worlds history moments. Flames was right there in the Middle. He Joined the WWWF, beacuse of joining, He only got paid $2 an hour because of the lights in the WWWF. Tired of the E-fedding World, Stan had enough money to take his family to a vacation so Stan, Olga, Jane and Young Bobby went on a trip to Hawaii. The stayed for a year, leading up tp February 2001. When they got back from the plane to the Airport, the weirdest thing happened. Two unknowned wrestlers attacked Stan wth a hammer, also taking Olga and the kids, to watch. They were masked and took him to a junkyard. They were at the top, just about to throw him to the bottom with all the rats and glass. Just then, Jack Hart, Stans father beat the shit out of them! As he unmasked them, they were two wrestlers of the XWF (Real Backyard Fed) The Thriller and Ace. Stan then eventually joined the XWF and became World Champion 3 times! September 11, 2001. That date horrified everyone in the world. WTC, Destroyed. The Pentagon, Demolished. Camp sites, wrecked. The United States gone crazy. And thats what Flames did when he injured 9 training wrestlers. he was put in jail for 2 months, but bailed himself out. He then burned Property of E-Federations so he was fired. October 2001, he formed the AWF (American Wrestling Federation) The AWF didn't give a shit if you were hurt or not. It ran perfectly for 3 months after Flames left to join the TXW, a E-Federation which took Extreme to its limit. He detested TXW, calling it True Xtroadinary Wussies and left afterards. Then no-good-gimmicker Scott Baxter, aka in efeds Prez Rock stole the copyrighted AWF and turned it into the ALWF. Flames was the best wrestler, holding the world title for two months after losing it to Triple H. He also Held the Tag-Team titles for 2 weeks. But in Late March 2002, Flames decided to call it quits. His youngest brother, Adam died in a recent accident, at age 27. Stanley now lives with his wife, Olga and his two Children, Jane (9 1/2) and Bobby (5 1/2). So the saying still lives on... Never play with FLAMES..... Beacuse you will get Burned!!!