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You Could Die

Im not gettin any love, plus its easier to hate
Im starvin on this side I gotta grab another plate
Love dont work out for me cuz I never get it back
This pains like no other I think I hear something crack
Must of been my heart that you made so much to ache
Not important to me, does nothin but break
Shoulda stopped my heart when you had the chance, you
Leave me with hope hurts more than any else could do
Im givin up on love, realize that hate is so much better
Not got nothin but for fussin this just for cheddar
So watch what you say or becareful where you step
Ima be out on the watch an you know I never slip

You could DIE
Walkin along jus thinkin nothins wrong
You could die
Spill your guts but all you got is one song
You could die
Pour out your soul to show your voice but
You could die
Your best bet is just keep your mouth shut
You could diiiiiiiie

You could die at any time, this could be your last day
You could be dead but your not so just enjoy your stay
But whats it all about, why do we fuckin suffer?
Why do I bother when I cant get enough for
Even one day not even twenty seconds
Not even just a minute, what the fuck is sixty seconds?
Its me against the world and I think the worlds is winnin
Devil's advocate, but God's son, an it hurts to be sinnin
Hurt to me is like money to Steve Forbes
Unlucky me I got a double edged sword
Get used to it, and soon Ill be the one doin it
Cock my gun to they head an let off another two in it


Im going through hell, but I gotta keep goin
Try to keep my demons at bay long enough for me to show em
That I can be a good person, do the bidding of my father
My creator, but everyday it gets harder
Look at myself now, I just dont know how
End of the ride for me, the clock has run out
Cant get up so Ima give up now
Get pissed like mad cow, bring the house down
What else can I do besides piss them off now?
Im hell bent outta shape, cant seem to get with it
Only thing I have left is blue hat an thats fitted
It wont last me forever but nothin ever does
Nothing ever matters cuz nothin ever was
All an illusion, a simple trick in my head
Who the fuck would care if I ended up dead?
Get me suttin to eat, Im feelin damn hungry
Time to take the blast and turn it on me