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You Buggin

HOOK (x2):
Who says I aint hip hop?
You buggin!
Ya think the Bluehat gon stop?
You buggin!
Nothin that I do will ever flop
You buggin!
But maaaaan, you buggin!

Who else brings the party better? This aint no bwack schweattah
Do whatever it takes to kill my foes deader
Dead or alive, I said whatever it takes
And I mean whatever, brothers make no mistakes
Right here, my house, this is where its at
Bluehat, sonny, the new face of rap
This is what you want, you aint never goin back
No U-turns allowed, look whos at bat
The lead off man, battin three-fifty-five
With seventy home runs and twice the r-b-i's
Im a killer, special slot filler, thriller
Make no mistake, Im out and about it, skiller
Makin no sense at all, my kind of rappin
Nod your freakin head, toes should be tap-tappin
Party song, verse one, lets get this all goin
Turn that bass up, get the speakers blowin

HOOK (x2):

Dynasty time, Bluehats the rhyme
Yankees of rap, wont count a nickel or dime
Smokin, rappin, hittin a verse
Girls dont see me til Im stealin there purse
Cold to the black heart, thug of the millenia
One thing you forgot is Ill almost be a friend o ya
See me on the streets, you had better duck
Boy, you gettin pizza sauce thrown at your truck
Leavin a stain, (BLAHW), gotta leave my mark
My barks worse than my bite but you never heard me bark
No I dont worship the devil, but Im a fan of his work
Nah, jus kiddin, drop that crucifix, jerk
What Im all about is fun, call me what you will
Is that cool, BoJingle-Jangle? My rhymes are THAT ill
I wake up those in a coma, I bring back the dead
I break the sound barrier, all while gettin head
So gimme my props when you see me in shops
Jus dont bitch while Im toppin them tops

HOOK (x2)

Now look at all that bling, it aint cost you a thing
Who wants a what-what for my big ring
The next big thing, I rock wit the best of em
Roll wit the best of em, mock all the rest of em
This is my style, whether you like it or not
This is Andy, and Andy is hot
I dont go by that name, Bluehat is real
Dont be jealous, dont envy, dont you dare try to steal
My rhymes is my rhymes, just like two points
You hear me hummin a beat while Im rollin them joints
Rollin em, like Vanilla, quick and nim-bol
I go crazy when I hear a symbol
Stop that, dont get crazy now
Know what I mean, lets get ladies now
Time after time, this is what it comes to
It all leads up to this, what kids all run to

HOOK (x2)

Buggin, man, like crazy, cant stop it, yah, cant stop it

HOOK (x2)