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What You Gonna Do?

Motherfucker, you gotta know you cant push me around no more
Bitch, I aint a clown no more, this aint your town no more
Fucker, you aint seein nothin, you dont even understand
I know what you got cuz I used to be your man
Remember? Next time you touch me you had better hope you kill me
Those words comin out your mouth, you know they aint gon thrill me
Here you goin thinkin that you all tough
Im playin til I win and Im playin pretty rough
It will be your last breath, you gon die your last death
Fuck wit me stupid? You cant even pass tests
Go ahead, put your hands up, you better try to fight
I aint puttin up with you no more, thisll be your last night
Fuck you! I hope you die cocksuckin motherfucker
No respect for you til you earn it, god dammit mother fucker
You really piss me off, you fuckin up my mood
Im not a happy person, asshole, your fuckin rude

What you gon do?
Yeah, what you gon do when I come through?
Yeah, what you gon do when I come through lookin for you?
What you gon do?

What you gon do when I come through lookin for you with guns drawn
Instead of movin, Im spillin your blood on your own lawn
You know you aint shit, you aint even got shit
Keep talkin it and I will smack that upper lip
Bitches fuck cuz they dont know bout the rules
If you playin, then you must be playin to lose
Only one winner and Ima be victorious
Standin on your grave is gon be fuckin glorious
You forget who your fuckin wit, I am Ferocious
Forgot who you fathered, my crime is atrocious
This is the shit that they warn you about in church
You know my friend, Satan, you standing on his perch
You better hope hes waitin, atleast for me he is
In this corrupt world, Im what sinnin is


No one knows what to do, Im the least expected
Everyone thinks some punks gonna come and Generation X it
The Generation next is, the Bluehat Generation
The whole Bluehat Era, my entire federation
We'll make a new world order, make it even stronger
Take a lenghty tie, and make it even longer
This is what I do, Im gritty and Im grimey
You got guts? Stomachs feelin pretty slimey
Welcome to the gutter, welcome to the crime
Welcome to the city, welcome to my rhyme
Welcome to my life, welcome to my hell
Welcome to my death, welcome to my cell
Im waitin for hell, I cant wait, Itll be better than this
Some say Im moronic, some say veteran piss
Some say hes pussy, and those someones die
Hold me down, baby, Im not ready to fly