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The Wasteland

Words cannot express all this, pain I feel
Reality or fantasy, shit I make it real
Pull angels from my dreams to blow away the rain
The demon wont let go til I, played his game
Just give it one try then my, ass is free
Think to myself "But what if it kills me"
Whatever happens, happens, no stoppin fate
Do away with the devil, then, no more weight
Shoulders are free, to hold what I can
Wake up the next mornin and, do it again
In the wasteland, man that shit is all the same
Count your dough and but dont, go against the grain

HOOK (x2):
Thats how it is
In the wasteland
You gotta handle your biz
In the wasteland
Take care of yourself
In the wasteland
You got no money or no wealth
In the wasteland

Check yourself, stand up and be ready for battle
Walk through the sand and just jump in the saddle
Cause a commotion then give em half a minute
Take away your soul and nobody knows who did it
Everybody is nothin, we all start from the spot
Aint nothin ever changes, same story, same plot
Even together your alone, less you feel it in your heart
Tuggin at your soul whenever it gets dark
Pull your eyes closed and bust you in your lip
Walk through the door and empty the full clip
No one left standing is no left to fight you
Get your ass outta town and leave the mess for the night crew


On the run on horseback, like a train robber
Wanna take out the law but dont have the man power
Watch the news at six to see how you farin
Little old ladies is all you been scarin
Grab a sawed off, tie your belt and quick
Jaw drops, good, cuz you suckin my dick
Blazin saddles up and I smoke you like a blunt
Callin out names, fuck your mother in her cunt
Your a dog, Im a wolf, you can do the math
Spill your brains in the grass, then what the fuck you have?


God dont love me, Im one of the forsaken
Sendin me to hell cuz all the rules that Ive been breakin
End it all now, chasin empty dreams, Im a drifter
Pull you out your own car, and beat you with the shifter
I smell fear, that makes me more ferocious
Who got blood? Bluehat be spillin oceans
Hot like a cajun on a Thursday, I burn you
Dont know how to kill, then youll learn to
Nobodys gonna help you, in the wasteland your stuck
Alone with no allegiance, grimy gritty muck
Cruddy like the illest cat ever gonna spit
Off the charts is how hard every tracks hit
Lose my balance, catch my breath, ooh, thought I was slippin
Stay outta my path every time you catch me flippin
This is my wake up call for what Ive been doin wrong
Get back to the deck, and sing that fuckin song