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The Protector

I finally found the reason that I need to keep breathin
My people need me here, thats why Im never leavin
When you forget, whos gonna teach you how to smile?
When you fall, whos gon carry you that mile
Never will your stumble just cause I got your hand
Carry you on my back to get your through the sand
All I think about cuz I know its all I have
Look down upon me when you need a good laugh
When the end draws near, tell me it was worth it
Tell me I was right, tell me it was perfect
Tell me what I always wanted to hear
Then hear what I have, lend me your ear
Endure my pain, I started off at the bottom
When I reach the top Ill never be forgotten
Outlast the others cuz Im always plottin
One day Ill win, till then, Im rotten

Always thinkin I am, I am
Always makin up a plan, a plan
Gotta look for my mans my man
Keep it all up in my hand, my hand

This is a story about people good to me
Good things come in threes, thats why we call em trinidies
Number one was never better, always bein there
Love, it will be there, for she had always cared
All shit was in my head, no problems ever existed
Insecurities make me gettin visions twisted
Number two is who I care for, gotta make it good
Not my fault but I save him from trouble cuz I could
I should, I will, Ill do it for my people
Keep up shootin straight, devils lies are see through
Now number three, there ya go, thats my dog
Gotta make sure hes seein through the fog
Cuz dog is mans best friend, he keeps me alive
So I gotta get his back to give him a reason why
There you go and now you know, you never wanna mess
With those three, if you do, I put your ass to rest