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Nothing To Lose

You wanna be bad boys? I got bad news for ya
I light this shit up hard and I take it right to ya
You wanna slang? I can bang with the best
You punks gonna bring it? Ima put it to the test
Take off your head and I'll send it to the rest
And when its time to die I'll put holes through your chest
I thought you faggots learned not to fuck around
You aint doin shit but bleedin on the ground
Cats I fuck wit are real and they know the deal
Turn there fuckin backs and introduce em to steel
This is how it is for me, I know the soul is dark
Merciless, with an ice cold heart
Aint a damn thing you know that hits like me
Aint a motherfucker here that wants to fight me
Faggot, bring your shit back to where you came from
We dont like you, your not welcome

Yall never fucked with a cat like me before
Nothing to lose means I go all out in war
Never play around, I show up at your fuckin door
Send you to meet Satan, and Im beggin for more

Whats all this fuckin fussin for?
Ima hit these punks hidin behind the locked door, pussies know they get it raw
And you know this shit is hard, did I forget to mention
That slow and painful deaths were the first of my inventions?
How many times do hafta tell you shits, dont fuck with me
And youll survive, luckily
Mother fuckers arent ready to get it, so dont tell me to bring it
Cuz when I give it, shit goes out fuckin wingin
Cuz Im wicked, got the devils blood in me
When the dark takes control cant the roughest thug hit me
Bad boys is playin, Im ready to lay em
They all want me to slay em, and youll end up decayin
See that big rock with your name and "Rest In Piece"
Thatll be on your head if I find you with no police
Fuck the rules, I playin my own damn way
All you other scummas had better amscray
You got suttin to say, all you gotta do is spit it
You want war? Im right here just come and get it


You aint worth half the trouble you done put me through
So Ima just come and pull up right next to you
When I send you to Hell Ima be fuckin pissed
Once you punks is dead wont be nothin to hit
N-Y-C, you punks forgot what it stands for
New Young Criminals aint gonna be no more
Aint gonna be no war, Ima kill you where you stand
Look me in my eye and Ill crush your skull in my hand
Im the lord of the land and this is my spot
You punks fuck around just not on my watch
But its too late for you cuz Im comin for you
You gonna die like a sucka motherfucka, they cant do nothin for you
I aint done, Im just gettin started
Your will is weak, you dont know what a heart is
Im sick of bullshittin faggots thats all talk
Fuck em up big if there ass doesnt walk
Cuz rrrrrrrrrr cuz Im cruddy
Your ass is gonna get bloody
Shit washes off nice so I roll in the mud
Cant say the same for you once you lose enough blood
Big tombstone that they gonna put on your head
Sucks that I cant kill you cuz your already dead