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Look into my eyes, now how can you avoid me
Ill slap you in the face, but only when you annoy me
This is the dilemna, my everday struggle
I wanna tackle my problems, but i dont have the muscle
I need someone to join, to follow alongside
Someone who's there for me and not just for the ride
Can anyone be honest? can anyone be fair?
Your words are needed here, and now your over there
I laugh and crack a smile, pretendin shit dont phase me
But deep down it does, this shit drives me crazy
I am not the fighter that i always thought i was
Ferocious is dead, along with what he does
I cant keep up the act, if i do i think ill die
I cant go on alone but im gonna hafta try
Because you aint comin any closer, aint givin me no signs
But i hope you will, and ill wait, until the end of time

HOOK (x2):
(lose one friend)
(lose all friends)
(lose yourself)

I cant sing, i can only rap
So fuck singin, im never goin back
But i gotta be serious, i gotta spread the word
And im not delirious, i know i will be heard
My message: plain and simple, to all that will hear it
Life is hard, will get harder, thats the truth, grin and bear it
But when life gets hard, you just gotta get harder
When life screws you down, get up and get smarter
When life slaps you in face, just go and slap it back
Then kick it in the balls and make sure that that is that
Life is hard, its struggle, survivin from day to day
We gotta be there for each other in every kind of way
Cuz its a sad fact that we never know what we have
Til its gone, and when we lose it we get mad
Take it out on someone else, forget the danger
Cuz its easy to hide our tears in our anger
So if you learn one thing outta this whole song
Just ask: who will be sad when im gone

HOOK (x2)

What is loss? is it death? it is not
Death is death, death is life, loss is not
Loss is sorrow, loss means pain in your head
You dont lose someone just because they're dead
If they live on in memory, then they live on
But if you forget em., they're forgotten and they're gone
Heroes are remembered but legends never die
When ya get to thinkin, loss will make you cry
Yeah thats the sad truth, the make you mad, truth
The 'shut up bitch, ive always had proof'
This is my proof, this is my message, my story
This is my hope, my dreams, my saga, my glory
Now believe me, im tellin the truth here
I never had much, but loss is what i fear
Cuz i lost what i had, never wanted that
Never had what i wanted, it makes me fuckin mad
What is this a joke? what the fuck you smokin?
This aint funny, i cant breathe, im fuckin chokin
Gone forever, it is, until i can find it
Its right in front of my face but im blinded
First chance, second chance, last chance, you puffin
And if you cant hear me, you cant hear nuffin

HOOK (x4)