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Last Straw

Here we go again bustin my ass over the same shit
Cant take it, gotta get out of the game quick
I aint a quitter, but I also aint a winner
Bein punished, cuz He knows Im a sinner
The one dream I have is just wishin to be loved
Multiple nightmares a day, and it aint even enough
You had to take away what I didnt even have
What I wanted to grab, what I couldnt have snagged
What I wanted the most, three words I wanted to hear
Not knowin that Im loved is the one thing I fear
But I know where Im at, Im right where you put me
You touched me at night, thats just how you shook me
Where am I goin? Hell or the Pearly Gates
Fed up so I gotta grab a .38
Load it up and aim it back at the head
No one likes me alive so no one misses me dead

This is the last straw
I draw my last breath
Focus on those before
Whose peace was found in death
This is the last straw
I focus on myself
Cant take it anymore
Take the noose off the shelf

Thats it, times up, try to stop me
Cant waste the energy cuz they dont care about me
They want me to leave and know just where Im goin
Underground river of souls, and its flowin
Ima dive right in like an Olympic swimmer
Im at my lowest, but it keeps gettin grimmer
Darkness overtakes me, thats what it makes me
Turn into a beast, thats why you hate me
Thats why you shun me, why you dont love me
Gods loyal son, and you hide yourself from me
Just hug me, like you love me, embrace me
Turn around, I want you to face me
Im seekin the answers, and I want the truth
Answer my prayers, and show me the proof
You loved me once, now help me again
Is this what a man feels when hes met his end?


You say youll come when I call, well Im callin
Every other move that I make I keep fallin
The pain sometimes is too much for me to bear
Someone has to give a fuck, thats why Im still here
Alone at night, thats when tears come down
It shouldnt be like this, I shouldnt be run down
I should be happy, but Im not
A few steps away from Hell and it burns hot
And its dark too, all the suffering and pain
Aint no sunshine, all I see is rain
All I feel is pain, thats why I keep cuttin
My mind is racin like I gotta do suttin
Gotta end it, do I do it, do I dont
Maybe someone should give me a reason why I wont
Someone should reveal whether or not they care
But now I must be going, now I feel my end is near