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Going Through The Motions

Keep your shit to yourself or your ass will get what you got comin
Before you find nine millimeter bullets up in your stomach
Better start running before I hit the street, coming
Ima get you and wet you Ill never forget you, cuz you stunted
This is whats its like every day of my life, every way is a strife
It is empty, dont forget me, love me, Ill be allright
Alone, but hey, thats okay, Ima make it, youll see
If forever you be right there for me, Ill be fine, thats me
All alone when nobody hugs me, cuz no one loves me
They look into my eyes and see that my soul is ugly
Filled with rage locked up in a cage but still some is good
In this heart filled with tears, a few memories of cheers, I should
Be okay, every day just fine, just right, in the next life
Karma is as karma does, Ive been good so Ill get mine
One day, some day, some way, itll all come to me you say
And I thanked her but it seems the same way every day

HOOK (x2):
Every day
Its the same old deal, sittin alone listenin to the same old speal
Every day
Do the same damn thing, in the same damn ring, cant change a damn thing
Every day
Cant shake these notions, that all Im doin is just going through the motions

Its amazing when were in love, how distant we feel
Look back and shes behind you, guardin your heel
When someones by your side and you think they turned their back
What happened was just they was clearin a path
Makin it fast, life easier for their loved ones
Every one of you, I love you like a cousin
Some like a sister and you know if your my brother
Im closer to you than to my mother
Once you been hurt, its hard to trust again
Hop back in the saddle and keep up til you win
Sometimes it gets hard, but when the going gets tough
The tough get going, we know theres no givin up
Even though sometimes it feels empty and shit
It was always chock full, you cant reckon wit
The bullshit that you pull out cant match my ends
I never call it quits, you dont fuck wit my friends

HOOK (x2)

I say there only restin when they sleep in peace
The end has to come, nobody can make it sweet
All I know that when its time to meet my maker at the end
Ima face it like he owes me, break it off like 'lets pretend
That I had a good life, and this is a happy ending'
Then I shake him down and say 'no more pretending'
I say He owes me something, instead He gave me nothin
This good heart is hungry plus I called the devils bluffin
And what do I got to show for it? A hollow soul
That just goes to show you kindnesses role
Empty inside because it burns inside, my heart is strong
Seeks answers that I may do no wrong
I found out that its this same way every night
Come back here and always fight this same fight
Its a never ending battle, there is no good or bad
Just two different views, lookin at what I coulda had
If I went a different way, played a different game
Would it have been fuller or still be the same?