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For Her

I never really knew you, but sure as hell I saw
Who you think would miss, Id love to see it all
We became friends I guess it was enough
I thought you were perfect, thats when it got rough
Talked but never really grabbed your attention
I drop what I was doin whenever your name they'd mention
I loved talkin with you, for then that was that
Then we got a little closer, I wish I could take it back
I really started to like you, but I just didnt know
I didnt know what I was doing so I just didnt go

Used to say maybe, now its eventually
Im just gonna wait for possibility
It means the world to me, maybe you will see
And one day maybe it could be

Couple of weeks later, it just got worse
When love is not returned, damn, love hurts
I saw my opportunity, knew it was my chance
I guess I was awkard, you see it in my stance
Had to seize the moment, but let it slip by
Every night you leave me wonderin why
How do you do it? Make me behave so
Cant let my feelings bring me to grave though
Gotta keep it cool, calm myself down
Can I really say and you not laugh like Im a clown
Thought about, so I went and did it
Didnt get it back so that was when I hid it


Feelings have grown stronger, I think that Im in love
You could thinks its dumb all I asked for was a hug
But that one hug made all the wrongs right
And that may be what kept me through the night
Everything you do makes me feel so good
Makes it right like I never thought I could
Your special, what you got there is a gift
Whenever I feel low you always gimme lift
This is all I can say cause of circumstance
Opportunity got me wishin for another chance
But it wont come so Im left feelin sorry for myself
But Ill wait forever cause your in love with someone else
Now Ill let it go and see if you come back
And if you dont then you wont no ones keepin track