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Doug's Song

Doogler is the man (what)
Does it like he can (what)
Throw a dog a bone (what)
Leave them boys alone (what)
Who else is gonna bowl (uhh)
Then take yer bitch and roll (uhh)
He does it Doogler style (whoo)
And he never cracks a smile (whoo)
He dont take no shit (what)
He'll tickle Becky's clit (what)
He took her to the dance (what)
Lookin for romance (what)
Becky made him say "Damn!" (whoo)
But he still has to use his hand (what?)
Doug is the N-Y-Rang (uh-huh)
He knows it aint no thang (uh-uh)
He just doesn't give a fuck (what)
All he wants is a suck (what)
From that freshman chick Becky (what)
Although hes rednecky (what)
Thats all I gotsta say (uhh)
So until another day (uhh)