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Class of My Own

Some dude hates my rhymes, everyone agrees with him
But I dont give a fuck, I dont do it for them
And I dont do it for myself or gay grizzly men
I do it for my fans, yeah, for all two of them
Truth is I love the love that I get
When I turn up the beats and I begin to spit
When Im rappin my rhymes I think I'll never quit
In my heart I know there aint no better shit
But I have never ripped a CD or been on stage
But I got this adrenaline, vemon, rage
That churns through my blood like Im in a cage
And I cant wait til finally I get on stage
I need this shit, man, I need the fame
I need it like a baller needs the game
But, nah, forget its just more of the same
So fuck the fame and tell me my name
What? You dont know it, dammit, your gonna blow it
Ludacris said throw them bowls, bitch you better throw it
Ive listened to rap music my entire life
From Onyx to Jay-Z to Vanilla Ice
This music runs through my veins, its in my blood
I rain so hard it turns dirt to mud
I rain down like reigning death coming from above
You say I try to be black when Im rappin my rhymes
Fuck you, I dont care, read between the lines
I never get to talk about my feelings, I keep 'em inside
Caged up, bottled up, deep down they hide
Rapping is the only way I will ever let 'em out
Im a shy person, what the hell would I do without
The words I speak are lyrical melodies, notes are dead
Miniature symphonies composed in my head
The president has his speeches, I have my rhymes
Just cuz you have no ideas dont try to take mine
The words I am speakin are the truth, I declare it
I form an opinion, write it down, and rap so I can share it
Thats how my style works, better to let it be known
This my style, now run get your own.

Class of my own
(Cant be better)
You know you cant be better than this
Class of my own
(Cant be touched)
You cant even think about touchin this
Class of my own
(Cant be stopped)
You know my style is unstoppable
Class of my own
(Cant be burst)
My bubble is forever unpoppable

Like the chorus? You better, it'll be stuck in your head
My voice will be rappin wherever you go til your dead
Im never gonna stop, never will I call it quits
Only pausin momentarily to autograph some tits
Then Im right back at it, all day rappin and writin
How can you compete? Your even scared of lightnin
Pussy, coward, yellow bellied bitch
When I hear your voice its worse than when I have an itch
Shut the fuck up little faggot and your little boyfriend
I'll kick both your asses until the world's end
Im sick and tired of this shit, what the fuck you expect?
If you keep talkin shit I will fuckin break your neck
I dont care what you like, I dont care what you hate
Stop whining, just eat whats on your plate
Give it up, man, its over, your done
Im comin to kick your ass, bitches, better run
Fuck being funny, everything I say is money
Money is what I get when I spit some funny shit
This is what I get for pumpin out a hit?
Fuck that! What this world needs is violence
Killers creepin around in silence
Killers like me coming kill you, I swear
I dont joke around and I dont play fair
I dont fight fair, Im an animal, your pitiful
Why dont you like this song? Its beautiful
I cant believe it, not a soul understands
Not one person gives a damn...answer me, man
What am I doing? Am I just wasting my time?
Waiting in line for my chance for this world to be mine
I can smell it, succes, it smells closer than ever
I follow my path, you do whatever
I dont need you anymore, I got better things to do
Watch out or Ill be scrapin you off of my shoe
Little fuck, dont you have friends your own age
Allright thats it, time to start a new page.


Lookin back on the last verse, I see I have problems
But who can I turn to, to trust, for help to solve them
I need a companion, I feel so fuckin unwanted
While you strut around like a rock that gets flaunted
Who do I have in this world to turn to, NOT YOU!
I cant trust you no more, I dont know you, FUCK YOU!
You have no business here, change the station
To all those left, heres some important information
About my self, my life and my situation
My feelings of loneliness, drugs not used in moderation
I feel like a lost soul without a friend in the world
I feel strange and unwanted, all i want is a girl
Im not human, or something fucking like that
I feel like a freak and theres no going back
What the fuck do you want from me? I cant be myself
Cuz when Im myself you motherfucking put myself on the shelf
Im discarded...You just want to be friends? What the hell?
Do you not understand what I said, what the fucking hell?
Fuck rhyming at this point, Im miserable, its pitiful
Shit is hittin the fan, its pitiful, the shitter's full
So many negative thoughts in my head
Who would give a fuck if I ended up dead?
No one cares if I leave when I leave
No gives a shout out to me
Damn this song has changed so much since I began
Now your depressed just hearin my story and
All this anger, wonderin whos responsible
Your all responsible!
Does it stop me? No, Im unstoppable
My bubble's NOT poppable
I wanna challenge the world
But I cant Im so fragile, girl
Im slippin and fallin, and I cant get up
I need your help so that I can bounce back up
And if you think that this song is to you
You dont know nuttin cuz this song aint about you
Its to someone who I care about
But they dont know it and I cant do without
So sit back and enjoy the rest of this song
Cuz when its over, so am I, nothing else will be on.