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CJ's Song

Hes comin and his name is CJ Rockhard
I hope your ready for him this time, you retard
He may be short but thats only his height
And we all know it aint about the biggest dog fight
Now thats the introduction, now Im shootin for the body
But I guess I dont have to hit too hard, your rhymes are shoddy
And with CJ comin at you, you dont stand a damn chance
CJ is the one who will knock you on your pants
First he created elite, but that kinda sucked
Next was the jap, but he got shot at and ducked
At last we have Adrian, whats there to say?
Adrian is out fightin, every fuckin day
We all saw what CJs ink and pen can do on paper
Now you know what my rhymes can do with labor
Hard work and elbow grease, CJ listen up
I write, you draw, we'll get this mother done
We dont do it for money, we do it for fun
We keep that attitude and, the money, it'll come
Now comes the conclusion, its time to rap it up
So if you fuckin diss my rhymes again, you are fucked
No, just playin, I wouldn't do that to my bro
Talk to ya later, pe@ce, sianora, stupid ho