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Bluehat Anthem

Bluehat baby, I gone done it again
My rhymes are so evil you gotta say amen
Step into the spotlight, get to know the Bluehat
Crazy like a mad cow, youll be sayin true dat
Bring on the scumbag who can beat me
You pussies can never ever fuckin defeat me
If you dont know you will learn to never fuck wit me
Cuz I get revenge and make your life shitty
Bust your faggot ass up and its murda
Fuckin wit me pussy thats unheard of
Dont fuck wit me if you dont know what I do
Slap you in the face, tell your momma fuck you
I just smile at your ass and flip you the bird
Aint laughin inside cuz my insides hurt
Bitch leads me on then I get the shaft
I should be stickin you in your prissy ass

HOOK: (x2) ([CeeJ Tank], Bluehat)
If you a gangsta
[You could some gangsta rap]
You said you was gangsta
[Listen to some gangsta's rap]

Bluehat baby, guess who did it again
Guess what? [What?] Potty mouth shitted again
Im in this for ten and I thought you knew
Lay down the line Im always better than you
And dont you under-est-im-ate
Nothin good comes when you spec-u-late
Yeah thats great, but thats a penalty
Drop a motherfuckin bomb where your men would be
Where your men should be, if they hadnt ran away
When I come to fight, pussies should not stay
Get in your cars and drive, straight to the scumbucket
This is my street, skillas, and I love it
Rock the street, rock hos, rock the hearse
Cant kill me, Im gon be the death of me first
Still I dont think twice about throwin that punch
When the bullet leaves the gun I dont feel it too much
And I wont, I be leavin you to get stuck
And no one will care, cuz I dont give a fuck

HOOK (x2)

Bluehat baby I gone done it again
Lets go clubbin, I dont look at less than a ten
How we rollin, skilla style, we for real baby
This is our town, scumbags, fuck you crazy
See me doin shit and I be actin all silent
If you approach shit will bust off violent
Scout out your hood like we was guerillas
But we dont front, we know cuz we the realest
Now now, calm down, dont you bust
Why Andy act this way? Cuz he must
Who else is gon do it besides the Bluehat
The only one who can hold it down like that
[Like whaaaaaat?] Now you dont feel
Cut out your legs, just scrappin for the deal
You hear what Im sayin? [Damn straight]
Thats how Im playin! [DAMN STRAIGHT]
Ill never lose, bitch, Im THAT GREAT
The snakes bite is too little, too late


Skillas whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?
[For real]