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Works Cited

ACLU. “New ACLU Advertisement Highlights Massive U.S. Government Electronic Surveillance” American Civil Liberties Union, New York: April 9, 2001
This ad from the ACLU states all Americans now have 3-way calling, you, whoever you are dialing and the government. The ACLU is biased in that their main goal is to fight for the right of all individuals to be able to maintain privacy.

ACLU. “Privacy Advocates Concerned About Echelon” American Civil Liberties Union, BOSTON: May 1, 2000
This article from the ACLU is explains how there is no parliamentary agency monitoring Echelon and the NSA and no one knows exactly where they get their information and what they do with it. The ACLU is biased in that their main goal is to fight for the right of all individuals to be able to maintain privacy.

BAMFORD, JAMES. “War of Secrets; Eyes in the Sky, Ears to the Wall, and Still Wanting” New York Times 8 September 2002: P 5 COL 01
The author seemed educated in about Echelon and its abilities. The article was relevant; it shows what the U.S. has been able learned from satellite surveillance. The full article was available online, the article is very recent.

Campbell, Duncan. “Inside Echelon”. Alle Rechte vorbehalten Verlag Heinz Heise, Hannover: 25.07.2000
This report found online written by Duncan Campbell is a very complete and well-documented report on the workings of the whole Echelon system. The report based on fact and does not show a personal opinion.

Curtis, Anthony R. “Military Satellites” Space Satellite Handbook. Third Edition, 3 vols. Gulf Publishing Co, Texas: 1994.
Anthony R. Curtis edited this encyclopedia. He is also the editor of Space Today Magazine, president of Arcsoft Publishers and has published a number of books in this field. In this encyclopedia there are quite a few interesting facts related to my topic. Ranging from spy sats to eavesdropping sats. This encyclopedia was published in 1994, while I am sure we have advanced dramatically in this field since then; I have found a good place to start my research. I do not believe the author to be bias. I found this encyclopedia in the library and the author has written other books in this field, I would say that he is an expert on satellites.

Dwan, Bernie. Aaargh! “There’s a Great Big Leech on our Global Network” Computer Fraud & Security Iss.11, Vol Nov. 2000: pgs 8-10.
This article from the Computer Fraud & Security magazine was found online in the Science Direct database. The article offers definitions of Echelon, tells who has access to echelon information and what type of information. The author has many citations throughout his work, showing that he researched the article extensively. The article does not make a personal opinion known.

Echelon Watch. “Answers to frequently asked questions about Echelon” Updated February 7, 2002
Echelon Watch is a website affiliated with the ACLU. They have collected a large amount of data regarding the Echelon satellite and its uses. They are also biased like the ACLU.

Giffen Robert B.US SPACE SYSTEM SURVIVABILITY, Strategic Alternatives for the 1990s. Washington DC: National Defense University Press, 1982
Colonel Robert B. Giffen, U.S. Air Force, with a PhD in Astrodynamics, was at one time a senior test pilot, he was also Deputy Head for Astronautics at the U.S. Air Force Academy and is now Professor and Head of the Department of Astronautics at the USAF Academy, Colorado with these qualifications and many more I would say he is an expert in this field. This book US SPACE SYSTEM SURVIVABILITY, Strategic Alternatives for the 1990s gives the basics of how and why we resorted to the exploitation of space and space satellites. This book also provides information on the different uses of satellites. This book was written in 1982 so it is out of date but it does provide a history for my topic. The author seems to give mostly facts, and expresses the need for these satellites, as a general of the Air Force; I suppose to acquire money for funding further projects. The National Defense University Press published this book. They publish research on different aspects of the national security policy. "Communications Satellite." The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia.© 1994, 2000, 2001, 2002 on © 2002 Family Education Network. 4 Oct. 2002
I was unable to find if they have a printed version of this encyclopedia, but I do not think so. The article was last updated 2002, which makes it recent, and I was also offered many branches into related articles that expanded on the main. The article seems to be unbiased. I believe the publisher to be This encyclopedia article gives background into communication satellites and names a few of the agencies involved.

Paul, Raeburn. “The Costs of Fighting Terrorism”. Business Week magazine. New York: SEPTEMBER 13, 2001
This complete article was found online at the Business week website. This article states how Echelon is being used in the fight against terrorism and how this could infringe on the rights of individuals, domestic and international. The author is stating facts but is also making his opinion known.