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Honeymooners Bloopers

In "This Is Your Life," when Ralph leaves Phil and Alice alone in the apartment so he can go "help Norton's sister," Phil (George Petrie) walks over to Alice and says, "Don't you think Phil is acting a little strange?," (talking about Ralph).

In "My Fair Landlord," after Ralph throws the paint all over the place, Norton accidentally slips on the paint and takes a spill.

In "Brother-In-Law," Frank goes to the bedroom door when he's leaving and Ralph covers up for him by saying, "that's the bedroom, this is the front door, you aren't staying the night."

In "Stand-In For Murder," when Ralph's in the bedroom, Georgie Petrie walks over and locks the door, but when he goes over and starts discussing the plans for South America, Ralph comes out of the "locked" door.

At the end of "Better Living Through TV," Ralph knocks down a wall of pots and pans by accident.

In "The Adoption," Frank Marth (who is delivering the ice) accidentally drops the huge hunk of ice on the floor.

In "Boys & Girls Together," Gleason accidentally breaks a glass and sets up a rare adlib for Audrey Meadows.

In "Boxtop Kid," Ralph wonders out loud if a boxtop he's trying to rip off its box is welded on or not.

In "Stand-In For Murder," Gleason hears the ending music so he quickly says, "Ah, so that's why they call me Harry, well..." even though the only person that called him Harry was Harry's fiance.

In "Ralph's Sweet Tooth," Ralph keeps forgetting which side of his mouth the sore tooth is on.

In "Kramden VS. Norton," Audrey Meadows sticks her hand through the "window pane" to pull in the phone Trixie is lowering down from upstairs.

In "Unconventional Behavior," it appears that as Norton is climbing down from the upper berth, he falls on Ralph, who is laying in the lower berth and accidentally knees Ralph in the groin...and Ralph politely shouts, (since it was in front of a live audience) "You're breaking my arm!". In the same episode, particularly the first half, there is someone in the audience with a real noticeable and obnoxious laugh. [Thanks to Sig]

In the beginning of "The Babysitter," Alice has a phone put in and then calls Trixie to tell her about it, but once Ralph comes home, Norton calls from upstairs to congratulate him, but Alice never gave Trixie the phone number, so there was no way Norton could have gotten it. [Thanks to RedPenguin]

In "Young Man With A Horn," Ralph keeps his bugle on the table as a reminder and when Norton walks in, he offers to clean it. Norton walks over to the sink and "motions" as if he is washing the bugle, but you can clearly see that not a drop of water touches the bugle before he grabs a towel to dry it. [Thanks to Ralph Valencia]

In "A Matter Of Life & Death," after being revived from fainting, Ralph tells Norton that it was a mistake and that he's not going to die. When Norton says, "That's great news, what are you so glum about?," Ralph tells him, "If I don't die in six months, they'll see that I do!". He turns around and picks up the paper off the table while he's saying his line. How did he know the paper was on the table? Let's go back to when he fainted, Norton walks in with the paper AFTER Ralph faints, then puts it on the table. When Ralph tells Ed, "If I don't die in six months, they'll see that I do!," he then turns around, picks up the paper from the table and waves it in Norton's face! Again, how did he know the paper was on the table? [Thanks to Ken Del Rosario]

The background in the Kramden's window changes. Sometimes there are windows and fire escapes. Other times the fire escapes aren't there. This happens within episodes, not just from one episode to another. [Thanks to]

In "Head Of The House," Ralph puts the chicken in the oven and says, "I'll put it on full and it will cook in twice the time." He should have said "Half the time". [Thanks to Bang-Zoom]

In "Pardon My Glove," when Ralph comes through the window from out on the fire escape, his hand goes right through what is supposed to be glass on the kitchen window.

In "The Bensonhurst Bomber," everyone seems to mix up what Norton's friend is supposed to say to Ralph. Using variations such as "Get a load of fatso over there," "Hey fatso, get out of the way," "Hello there fatso," and "Get out of the way fatso."

In "Alice And The Blonde," Ralph says, "We're taking the whole crowd of you girls over to Burt Wedemower's house." And Alice says, "Who's Burt Wedemeyer?" (In other words, he mispronounced the word and she caught it in her reply). [Thanks to Mrs. Stevens]

In "Please Leave The Premises," when Ralph says the phrase that's supposed to help his aggrivation, he says it's "Pins and needles, needles and pins, it's a happy man that grins," but when Alice and Norton say it at the end of the scene, they say, "Pins and needles, needles and pins, a happy man is a man that grins."

In "Opportunity Knocks, But," Norton states that if it wasn't for a game of golf, he wouldn't be working in the sewer, but in "Teamwork Beat the Clock," Norton tells the whole television world that he got his job on account of his family working in the sewer for generations. *Also, in "Stand-In For Murder," (the show that CBS cut the ending, something that you won't see today) Norton said a different story on how he got his job in the sewer. In "Hair-Raising Tale," Ralph said he gave Ed that application for him to work in the sewer. [Thanks to Frank Gannucci]

In "Teamwork Beat The Clock," when Ralph is going into the bedroom, he walks under the "lemon machine" and accidentally bangs his head on the slide. [Thanks to The Great Gleason]

In "Brother-In-Law," when Ralph is trying to get Norton to come out, a flower pot falls off of the wall to the left of the front desk. That wasn't supposed to happen. To cover up for it, Ralph says, "That'll cost him a pretty penny!".

In "A Woman's Work Is Never Done," the man at the employment agency asks Ralph what his address is and he says 728 Chauncey Street. But, In previous Classic 39 episodes, it is mentioned that their address is 328 Chauncey Street. And in "Hot Dog Stand," when the banker asks his address he says it's 358 1/2 Chauncey Street.

One of the most consistent bloopers throughout the series is the location of the Kramden apartment. Chauncey Street (the real life home of Jackie Gleason) is actually located in Bushwick (Brooklyn, NY) but in the show it is located in Bensonhurst (also in Brooklyn).

In "Here Comes The Bride," Ralph says to Alice, "Alright Miss Dorothy Dixx, fixer of marriage problems--fix my sleeping ploblem!" He meant to say sleeping problem.[Thanks to Spade Cooley]

In "Santa And The Bookies," when Ralph and Norton are out on the street, a guy walks over and accidentally knocks over the pot, that wasn't supposed to happen.

In "Mind Your Own Business," when Ed gets fired and he's telling Alice about it, he only mentions that after all the years he spent in the sewer he got fired and he didn't know how to tell Trixie. Then, when Ralph gets home, Alice is telling him how Ed got fired because he demanded a raise and she's outraged because "someone" gave Ed such bad advice. How did Alice know the reason he was fired? [Thanks to Liz]

On MPI's Lost Episodes Volume 13 (Containing "Love Letter" and "Champagne & Caviar"), they spell Kramden wrong in the synopsis of "Champagne & Caviar," spelling it C-R-A-M-D-E-N.

In "Game Called On Account Of Marriage," Ralph slips on the eggs on the floor by accident. To cover up for it, he says to Alice, "You and your slippery eggs!"

In "Brother-In-Law," when Ralph and Alice are having dinner with Frank, he "slurps" his soup. He doesn't make a sound, yet Ralph still says, "Would you stop making that racket!"

In "Pardon My Glove," when Andre, the interior decorator comes into the kitchen from the bedroom, you can see an empty ashtray and Andre holding his cigar. If you watch closely when Trixie is talking to Alice, you can see Andre holding his cigar until he reaches for his briefcase and the cigar is no longer in his hand--it's in the ashtray without seeing him reach in the ashtray to place it there. [Thanks to Robert]

In "Dial J For Janitor," the house phone buzzes, when Ralph answers it, it doesn't stop buzzing, so he gives it a whack to stop the buzzing. [Thanks to Spade Cooley]

In "Santa And The Bookies," when Norton comes running back in with the cats, one accidentally falls out of his hands.

In "Game Called On Account Of Marriage," when Ralph is yelling down the sewer for Norton, he says, "It's me, Kramden!" instead of Ralph.

In "Stand-In For Murder," when Ed is leaving the gangster's house, he has a little trouble opening the front door. To cover up for it, one of the men asks, "Can't you get out?" and Ed says, "Yes--I can" and walks out.

In "The Prowler," Ralph puts the dresser in front of the door so no one can get in, but what good does that do? The door opens to the outside!

In "Battle Of The Sexes," in the pool room, there is a sign on the wall that says, "No Gambling." But Ralph and Ed still play for money. This is also the case in several other episodes that take place in the pool room.

In "The Deciding Vote," Ralph's friend (played by George Petrie), was referred to by two different names, in the beginning, Ralph refers to him as Joe Munsey. At the end, he refers to him as Joe Rumsey.

In "Battle Of The Sexes," Norton says that he is a Sagitarius and Ralph is a Capricorn, but in "Stars Over Flatbush," Norton says that he's a Pisces and Ralph is a Taurus.

In "Little Man Who Wasn't There," when Ralph opens the door and says, "I open the door and Norton's standing there," Norton comes from the right side and walks into the doorway, but where did he come from? If everything was exact, Norton must have come from the fire escape and went right through the wall!

In any episode where they are playing pool, they always name their shot, but they never usually make it.

In "Better Living Through TV," when Ralph and Ed are practicing for the commercial, something flies off of the Handy Housewife Helper when Ralph does the "Zip Zip" routine and nearly hits Norton in the face. To cover up for it Ralph says, "Maybe we should say something about spear fishing!" and Norton replies by saying, "Get rid of the skate key!".

In "A Weighty Problem," (The longest lost episode ever), when Ralph tries the reducing machine, the whole set shakes while Ralph keeps saying, "Norton...Norton..." [Thanks to Frank Gannucci]

In "Twas The Night Before Christmas," Alice's friend comes in and Alice gives her a kitchen thermometer. The lady then gives Alice the same gift that Ralph was going to give her. After Alice drools over the gift, the lady says that the gift was nothing and that she feels embarrassed "after the gift I gave you" which makes no sense. I think she meant to say, "after the gift you gave me." [Thanks to Bang-Zoom]

In "Hot Tips," when Norton walks in and Ralph starts cracking on his jacket, Ralph's fly is wide open while he sits on the chair. When he gets up, he walks toward the window and zips it up. Just in case anyone was wondering what all the laughter from the audience was about. [Thanks to Jackie Gleason's Honeybloopers]

In "Something Fishy." the president of the Racoons says, "Can't anyone come up with a...." and Ralph helps him in his dialog by saying, "Applicant." and he replies by saying, "Thanks, I couldn't think of the word." [Thanks to Mrs. Stevens].

In "The Man From Space," when Ralph shows Alice his costume, a piece of it accidentally falls off. To cover up for it, he calls it his "Denaturizer".

In "Mind Your Own Business," Ralph loses and challenges Ed to a rematch. Then Ed says, "No, I don't want to play anymore because when you win you get all mad and everything," he should have said, "When I win...." [Thanks to Danny M.]

In "Game Called On Account Of Marriage," when there is the explosion in the sewer, you can see that the sewer workers are coming from behind the fake street background. You can also see this when Norton comes out as well.

In "A Matter Of Record," when Norton goes to plug in the recorder, he pretends to plug it in, but you can see the wire just drop behind the shelf when the scene changes.

In "Teamwork Beat The Clock," when Ralph, Alice and Norton are practicing, Audrey Meadows forgets her lines when she is explaining something and she says to Ralph, "You've got me so upset from yelling at me that I forgot what I was going to say!" [Thanks to Jackie Gleason's Honeybloopers]

In "Songs And Witty Sayings," Ralph and Norton are doing the mind reading act. Ralph says something with a clue in it. At the end, they call a lady up to the stage and immediately Norton says, "It's a Watch!" This is fairly funny, but I think Ralph missed a line. He should have said to the lady, "Watch your Step!" before she stepped on stage. [Thanks to Bang-Zoom]

In "TV Or Not TV," when Ralph bursts out of the bedroom after Ed turns on the "Late, Late, Late Show," the expression on Ralph's face is so funny that Carney could not help but laugh. He tried to conceal his smile by leaning over. He then gathers himself and begins his arguement with Ralph. [Thanks to Danny M.]

In "Something Fishy," when they are at the Racoon Lodge, take a look at the members list on the wall. Ralph's name is at the top of the list, but they spell it K-R-A-M-D-O-N instead of K-R-A-M-D-E-N. Also, some of the other names on the list are actually the real life names of some of the crew members like Philbin and Shor.

In "Teamwork Beat The Clock," at the end, Jackie Gleason starts ad-libbing lines that weren't in the script. [Thanks to Jackie Gleason's Honeybloopers]

In "The Next Champ," when Alice finds out that Ralph is trying to manage Dynamite Moran, the wall behind the sink somehow gets moved and you can see a couple of crew members trying to put it back, one of which was carrying a clipboard.

In "Stars Over Flatbush," at the beginning, you can see lights from the crew reflecting off of the TV set. This can also be seen in other episodes when scenes are filmed in the Norton's apartment.

In "A Dog's Life," at the end, Ralph takes home a bunch of dogs, but those dogs are never mentioned or seen in any other episode.

In "Game Called On Account Of Marriage," Gleason has a little trouble with the ladder at the end. In front of eighty million home viewers, he tries to fix the ladder. When he tells the fiance to sneak past her father and come out the door, that wasn't part of the script. [Thanks to Jackie Gleason's Honeybloopers]

In "Two Tickets To The Fight," when Norton punches Ralph, you can obviously tell that he didn't punch him.

In "Move Uptown," Alice has a little trouble with the can opener, so she says, "This is murder, this thing." And Ralph responds to her by saying, "You're beautiful with a can opener!" to cover up for her. [Thanks to Jackie Gleason's Honeybloopers]

In "Lost Baby," when the police officer is talking to Ralph and the door is open, watch outside the door after Alice walks past it, you can see someone's shadow go across the wall outside the Kramden's front door.

In "Lost Baby," when Alice is going into the bedroom, the door gets stuck for a second and she says, "Would you fix this?"

In "Something Fishy," Norton puts the worms in Ralph's ice box and a little bit later he goes to leave the apartment. Gleason tries to tell him to get the worms, but I guess Carney forgot about them. Then when he comes back and is about to leave again, Gleason reminds him.

In the lost episodes, the Kramden's front door tends to change from episode to episode. Sometimes the handle is on the left side, sometimes it's on the right, sometimes they have a sliding bolt lock and sometimes they don't. [Thanks to Joe]

In "Songs And Witty Sayings," Alice shows Ralph a sneak preview of the girls' finale. But they went through the whole show and Alice and Trixie never did the finale.

In "Young At Heart," when Ralph is dancing, he goes a little too far to the left past the bedroom door and you can see one of the pillars holding up the set.

In "Quiz Show," when Ralph walks in at the beginning, he slams the door pretty hard and the whole set shakes.

In "The Deciding Vote," when Ralph is taking the vacuum cleaner out of the box, he nearly hits Alice in the face twice. She had to duck a couple times to avoid getting hit. [Thanks to Woolworth27]

In "A Dog's Life," Norton feeds the puppy and when he sniffs the can of Dog Food, he says, "That smells mighty familiar!" But in "Santa and the Bookies," he states that he has no sense of smell. He also said that if he had a sense of smell he wouldn't be working in the sewer.

In "Songs And Witty Sayings," after Alice goes in the bedroom, Ralph and Norton start talking. Alice was supposed to come out in the script, but Audrey Meadows must have forgotten her cue. So all the stuff Ralph & Ed say, like the stuff about the "Floogle Street" sketch was just made up live on stage. And when Alice does come out, Ralph yells at her quickly to move things along. [Thanks to Jackie Gleason's Honeybloopers]

In "Alice And The Blonde," Burt Wedemeyer drops a cookie by accident after bumping into the coffee table and to cover up for it, Norton says "Leave it there, the cat'll get it!"

In "TV Or Not TV," when Ralph is setting up his snacks for the evening and he opens the bag of popcorn, the bag breaks and popcorn spills all over the table. [Thanks to Larry Surrell]

In "The Bensonhurst Bomber," Gleason makes a mistake in plot continuity when he says "How could I knock out anybody that's bigger than Harvey?" before Norton suggests that particular idea. They both seem rattled after that and Ralph covers up for it by getting mad at Norton and saying "I know your wheels are turning!" [Thanks to Vedastone]