|| chapter 2 ||

"Aaron Charels Carter if you spray that super soaker at us I will personally kill you." I said as Aaron came into my room.

"I wasn't going to spray you yet, I was going to ask if you guys wanted to have a water fight against Nick and I." He said putting the water gun to his side.

I glanced at Baylee and said "How about you and Baylee against me and Nick?"

"Ange' you know that would be just like slaughtering them." Nick said from behind Aaron.

"Good job Nick, you and I can take Baylee to go get her swim suit while Aaron goes to fill the water guns up." I said grinning like a maniac.

"Angel are you sure you want to go up against me? We have had water fights against my brothers." she said. "And we get slaughtered every time."

I replied, "I'm finally going to get you back for that."

"Really" she said.

"Yah, I can beat both my brothers in water wars unless BJ or Leslie are on my team, then I lose."

"Aaron, are we in trouble?" Baylee asked glancing at him.

"Um let's just say your going to be very wet when we're done." He replied. "Nick and Angel are the best at water fights alone but together, well let's just say it's like hell on earth. They'll pick one of us to pick on and it's usually the one with better long range aim and they'll gang up on them unless for some reason they change thier battle plan today."

"Come on Nick, we want to get this war on." I said.

"Yah lets hit the road and get that suit quickly." Nick agreed grabbing his keys on the way past his drum set.

"Wait for me, it's my house." Baylee said running up the stairs trying to catch up with us.

"Baylee, hurry up." I said in an annoyed tone of voice.

On the way to Baylee's, she said, "So that's why your the best b-ball player in the whole leauge."

"Of course B-Rock and I taught her just about everything she knows about the game." Nick said pulling out onto the road to his house.

"Where are you going?" Baylee asked.

"What do you expect him to have a water fight in his own clothes and we have to pick Brian and AJ up for any water fights and those two are staying at Nick's house." I replied.

"Well fine, but I don't know how to get to my house from very many places yet." Baylee said.

"I know how because I was staying at Nick's last time you had a sleep over." I replied.

After the water fight, Baylee and I went downstairs to change into clothes. I finished changing and snuck into my own private studio type room and started playing my song and couldn't resist singing along to it.

Who am I to you?
what did i do?
To know you the way I do

You say I am
Your all
your everything
then why do I not
Believe you

Cause you are my all
my every thing
but who am I to you?

Cause I'm just a girl
a lonely girl
a sad girl


Are you blind
not to see
how I need you so bad

Do you think of me?
or are the feelings one sided
do I speak the truth about you
when I say you don't really know me
Do you really care?


"Who wrote that?" A voice from the doorway asked and I glanced up quickly then back down.

"I did." I said sheepishly.

"That was good." An all too familiar voice said.

"AJ, I wrote that for myself and now the whole house heard it because I forgot to shut the door." I replied.

(Note: Angel Carter didn't write that, I did so please don't use my song for any reason.)

"Actually, I came in and AJ followed me. Only we heard." Baylee said.

"Thanks for shutting the door and please don't tell anyone about the song. It's not that good and I haven't written music for the whole thing yet." I replied.

"I have to go so can I use your phone, my brother will pick me up if I call him."

I replied with a "Sure, go ahead."

***the last day of final exams***

"I won't be back next year Danielle, we're moving." I said.

"Where?" she asked.

"To the other side of town, but I have to go to a school over there." I replied. "I'll call you and give you my new number once we get it.""Ange' Mom wanted me to drive you to my place and you'll have to stay there until tomorrow when you and two good friends that go by the names of Danielle and Baylee will fly to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada." Nick yelled from his Prowler.

"Danielle, come here and get in my brother's car. I'm going to get Baylee and we'll have a party at my brother's with his friends." I said running back into the school to find Baylee.

Ten Minutes later we were flying through the streets trying to lose a couple of cars full of teenage girls and I turned around and said to my friends, "If I were driving, we would have lost them by now."

"I could believe that." Baylee said.

"Ange' we're going to pull the switch trick." Nick suddenly yelled when we got to an open stretch of highway.

"Ok." I replied taking my seat belt off and Nick did the same I stood up slightly and shifted towards him suddenly I sat in his lap and he shifted out of the seat and got into the other one. We both put our seatbelts on again. Five minutes after that, I glanced back and noticed no one was there so I headed to Nick's house but I also asked, "Nick, can I tell them about Kristen and Leighanne?"

"Yah, they'll find out any way because they're hanging with the guys right now."

"Okay girls I just wanted to say that there are two other girls at Nick's right now and they're dating Brian and Kevin, Kristen can come off as kind of rude or snotty but once she get's to know you she is a really good friend and Kevin really loves her so at least be pleasent to her and then Leighanne I've only met her twice but she is really open and she'll listen to what people have to say and I can see why Brian likes her so much." I said.

"Angel, I just want to warn you that Howie just broke up with Katie last week." Nick said.

"Thanks, but I probably won't see him, remember Kevin and Kristen are taking me to dinner tonight."

"Oh yah, I forgot about that." Nick replied as we got out of the prowler.

"We've had this planned for months." I said and then added under my breath "But you weren't in on some of those plans."