|| chapter 1 ||

"Angel, where is my gel?" Aaron yelled.

"Exatly where you left it." I replied.

"Where did I leave it?" he asked dumbly walking into my room.

"On the counter in our bathroom." I said. Aaron and I are twins and he was leaving on tour the next morning, my other older brother Nick was in a group while Leslie and BJ were both off in Europe somewhere persuing their careers so basically I'm the only one in my family not persuing a career but hating it. I was stuck in a public school, finals were next week and after taking those I would join Aaron on his tour. The tour would last a whole year so in September a teacher would join us I would stay with him most of the time unless I decided to visit Nick and his friends. Suddenly the phone rang I dove for it "Hi." I said hopeing it would be AJ but before whoever it was could reply I added "Hold on my brother is in my room annoying me, Airhead get out of my room." Aaron left mumbling but I wasn't listening to him, because my friend was telling me all about the new Backstreet Boys video since I hadn't seen it yet. Once she was finished I said "Can you come over because I have to tell people this sometime so I might as well start now but if I just tell you you won't believe me."

"Sure, What's your address?" She asked and I gave it to her.

As soon as she came she got sprayed with a water gun by my immature twin, no matter how old he got he always did that when he awnsered the door. I came up behind him, picked him up and dropped him on the floor behind me. "Sorry about that, he's just a little immature." Suddenly Nick flew past spraying us too but he got Aaron more than me so Aaron ran after him. "The guy that awnsered the door is my twin Aaron and the second guy to spray us was Nick." I said. "Let's go downstairs before they come back and spray us again."

"Good idea, do you have any..."

"I'll find you something dry to put on until your clothes are dry."

"Thanks." She said following me down the stairs.

I stopped at the bottom of the first flight of stairs, grabbed two water guns and passed one to Baylee. "If he's smart he's either packing or playing his guitar but I know him too well and he will be standing on the other side of that door waiting for us." I said pumping my water gun.