|| thanx ||

this is a section of my page that i am dedicating to all of those people who have helped me out, given me faith, showed me that my page was worth the effort, or have just been there for me. tThanx guys! you are all the best and i love ya (you know what I mean)! i will be sending out an award to all of you soon for being such great people. thanx a bunch again! here is my list of people who deserve a definite shout-out:

Becky - thanx so much...you gave me so much encouragement!
Laura - thanx for helpin' me out with my first page and for just bein' there and helping me with everything! Boys Will Be Boys
Brandy - thank you so incredibly much for helping me out with the frames! i am so happy i can do them now! thanx! Aaron Carter Zone

|| this is what i give them just because ||

|| both the butterfly images and the penguin image on the award came from Just Say Wow.com ||