|| the purple page ||

this is the first backstreet boys fanfic that i have ever posted. it was up on my angelfire page, that is until angelfire screwed my pages up! before you read this story or any of my stories (or others on my page), please read my disclaimer.

|| the purple page || - R
the bsb's new tour in europe is off to a great start. they've gotten new dancers, a new tour director, and some even end up in relationships. it all seems just so perfect...a little too perfect. nick finds a small purple page from a notebook and what he reads on it not only flips his life upside down, but a young girl named allisyn's as well. there has to be a way to fix it all...

|| contents ||
|| chapter 1 ||
|| chapter 2 ||
|| chapter 3 ||
|| chapter 4 ||
|| chapter 5 ||
|| chapter 6 ||
|| chapter 7 ||
|| chapter 8 ||
|| chapter 9 ||

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