|| monthly polls ||

hey! i've come up with this new page...every month there will be a NEW poll for you to answer and after the month is over i will record the data at the bottom of the page and you will be given a new poll. simple enough, right? well it will be providing i get enough answers! (i.e.15-20 or more sounds like a reasonable number to me, and no voting twice please!) if i don't get this number of answers, then the same poll will stay up until i DO get a substantionary amount. k? good.


|| monthly poll #1 results ||

what do you think of the backstreet boys' new album, "black and blue"?
1 - it RULES!!!!! (12 votes)
2 - it's okay ;) (0 votes)
3 - they've done better. (0 votes)
4 - it sux! (0 votes)
5 - i haven't heard it yet :'( (1 vote)
6 - new CD?? (0 votes)
7 BACKSTRET BOYS?! (0 votes)

|| winner : 1 - it RULES!!!!! with 12 votes ||