|| chapter 9 ||

AJ pushed past the security guards and nearly broke the heavy glass doors. Luckily they had seen him coming and recognized him.

Atta stood at a table waiting for him to come back in. When she saw him running and knocking people down, she became frightened and got up and began chasing after him.

"Colette!" AJ yelled, waving Allisyn's note in the air. He ran up to the table and thrust the note into her hands.

Giving AJ an worried look, Colette uncrnkled the note and began to read. "She can't leave! She signed a contract! THis is not happening!" She stopped yelling to read the note over once more. Then she looked up at Howie who was still soaking his hand in ice. "And she says in here to tell Howie, you, and Kristen that she will stop. Stop what? What is this all about?"

"Oh no..." Howie dropped the ice and stood up. He glanced around the room until he spotted Kristen. Despite the pain rushing through his hand, he let it freely swing as he ran to her.

"Um, hello?!" Colette yelled after him. It was no use, though. He wasn't paying any attention and the music was blasting pretty loudly from the many speakers placed throughout the party room.

Meanwhile Howie had reached Kristen. "Lisy's gone!"

"Huh? Oh yeah, I know. I put her out in the bus."

"No, she's really gone as in she quit and took off somewhere!"

It took a few seconds for Kristen to process what Howie had said so quickly. "Shit! Why? Where did she go? How did you find out?"

"AJ found a note explaining everything from her on the bus!"

"But how did he know that that's where I had her go?"

"Him and Atta or something or one of them or whoever saw you walking out with her and just assumed you brought her to the bus seeing as it's the most logical place."

"Well let's go find her! I'll go get Kev and we can drive to the bus stations, airports, and other places like that - just wherever she might be!" She paused to do a quick room search for Kevin. "Um...go tell the others that we are going to go look for her...I guess meet me out in the back parking lot in like, 15 minutes.

"Okay...but wait... what are we going to use to drive around?"

"Uhh... good question. Kev and me will get some keys from someone or something." She spotted Kevin and began heading toward him.

"She said that she will stop!" Howie yelled after her.

Kristen turned around and gave a thank God smile.

15 minutes later

"Hey guys." Kevin said. AJ, Howie, Colette, and Atta had shown up to meet Kevin and Kristen. "I got the keys to that black Jag over there from some guys's chauffeur, but I don't think all 6 of us will be able to fit in."

"It's all good, I got the head bartender's keys." AJ said as he dangled them in the air proudly. Colette snatched them from his grasp.

"Okay...so 2 cars, 6 people." Colette looked at each of them. "How about AJ and Howie with me and Atta with Kev and Kristen."

"Sure." They all agreed and then found and got into their respective cars.

IT was decided that Kevin, Kristen, and Atta would check out the airports and that the others would see the bus stations.

AJ had his cell phone with him as did Kevin so if anything came up they would be able to notify the other.

Back at the party, Cloe was wandering around trying to find someone that shew knew. She spotted Danielle out on the dance floor, but assumed it best not to disturb her as it looked like she was enjoying herself. Brian was over in the quietest corner on his cell phone - probably talking with LeighAnne.

Then she saw him...Nick sitting all by himself. The perfect opportunity to...

"Hey Nick!" Cloe greeted cherrily. He looked up at her. Judging by his facial expression, she knew something was wrong. "Umm...are you okay?"

"Yeah...no..." He mumbled. She slid into the booth across from him.

"What's wrong?" she asked concerned that her love interest was upset.

"It's all my fault."

"Oh...that thing with Shawn and Allisyn?"

"Yes...and it's my fault that she's gone, too."

"Cloe gave Nick a strange look. "Gone?"

"Yeah, didn't you hear? Lis packed up all her stuff and took off. All she left was a note and Colette and some are out lookin' for her now."

"Well that explains why I can't find anyone but you." She put on a smile. "That's not such a bad thing either." Cloe winked at him.

Nick took a deep breath ans sighed, pretending not to see what she was trying to do.

"It's too loud in here...let's go to say, hmm, the bus for example, where it is much easier to talk." Cloe suggested.


"So when will I get to see you babydoll?" Brian asked, well yelled, into his cell phone.

"I won't be able to meet up with you guys until France." LeighAnne said back.

"What? Sorry hun, I can't hear over this noise!"

"France!" she shouted into the phone. On her end of the line, the room she was in was basically silent except for a few others holding a conversation. They all shot her odd glances. LeighAnne gave them a so sorry smile and continued to yell into the phone. "Sorry Bri, I have to go!"

"Okay! 'Love you! Bye!" Brian shouted back.

"I love you too! Bye!" LeighAnne turned off her phone and Brian was left with a dead line. He put his cell away and went in search of someone to talk to.

"Woah! What's going on up here?" Colette asked, slowing down.

"It looks like a car accident." AJ said, using the police cars and ambulences as references.

"Oh dear, I hope no one was hurt!" She said as the traffic in front of her stopped which, in turn, caused her to stop.

Colette rolled down her window and motioned for an officer to come over. "Hey Rod, what's going on? Is everyone okay?"

"Colette! I haven't seen you in a while!" He smiled looking into the car.

"Yeah, these are 2 of the boys that I manage - AJ is next to me and that's Howie in the back. Guys, this is Officer Rod Camelton. He was one of my best friends in secondary school." They each said hi and Colette continued to talk. "Well what happened?"

Rod looked back at the accident and turned back to face Colette. "A car was turning into that coffee shop and a taxi, which is believed to have defected brakes which were unknown to the driver, tried to stop as he says and had nowhere to go but into the back of the car."

"Was anyone injured?"

"The taxi driver broke his arm and the passenger of the taxi is fine except for a few cuts and bruises, but she is unconcious. The person in the other car is fine, just maybe a bruise or two."

Colette got a horrible feeling deep down inside as did the boys. "What was that passenger's name by chance?"

"Um...I think her I.D. said Allisyn Trust."