|| chapter 8 ||

All eyes were on Allisyn. Her body was frozen stiff as if she were in a state of shock. The tears were still dripping from her eyes. Everyone had gone silent in anticipation for an answer from Allisyn. The music was still playing in the background, but luckily enough for them it was a slow, quiet song so that if Allisyn were to say something, all of the people around would be able to hear.

"Oh come on Ally, tell them. Tell them about Jake. Tell them all about Brandon and the 'Jane." Shawn urged hurtfully. "Go on, tell them all. Tell them why you are so good at dancing. Tell them why you even got that job you did or how you even heard about the auditions for it."

Seeing as Howie and Kristen were the only ones who had read Allisyn's purple paper, the rushed over to her rescue as soon as they had been informed by some random person of the dilema going on in the bar.

Just as Shawn was about to open up his mouth to say something more, sweet, kind, gentle, non-violent Howie closed it with his fist.

While the attention was turned to Howie and Shawn who was now on the floor, Kristen took the opportunity to get Allisyn out of this horrible place. She didn't think it would be too smart to have her stay in there in some place like the bathroom, she took Allisyn out to her bus. Leesa was in at the party, but both of them knew how to get in without a key because the lock was half-broken.

Once inside, Kristen sat Allisyn in the back room on a soft couch. She fetched and moistened a washcloth from the bathroom and dabbed the dripping eye make-up. Allisyn's once beautifully done up hair had fallen out and she looked like a total mess.

"I'm going to go back in and see what's going on. You stay right here. I'll be back really soon." Kristen patted Allisyn on the back, smiled in reassurance, and left.

As soon as Allisyn had heard the click shut of the bus door, she hurried to get to work.

"Hey Atta," A.J. said, pulling her aside, "What's going on over there?" He asked referring to the situation in the bar.

"Well there was a verbal fight between Nick and some guy named Shawn about Lisy. She was really upset." Atta turned to glance back over in the bar's direction and then turned back to continue. "So then Howie comes over and punches out Shawn and Kri-"

"Howie punched someone?" A.J. inturrupted.


"Wow, I didn't know he had it in him!"

"Yeah, well whatever, just listen. I'm not finished...so then Kristen takes Lis away and no one has seen eitehr since."

"Kristen's right over there." A.J. provided, pointing to the door. Kristen was entering back into the party and walking towards the bar.

Atta began to walk, but instead her ankle twisted to one side. She started to fall, but luckily enough for her, A.J. was there. He caught her in mid air. "Thanks..." She said smiling. Her mind seemed to be off in another world. Finally she snapped out of it and after regaining her balance, she looked down at her shoes. "These things are such fucking nightmares to walk in."

"Yeah, it looks like they are. They have good style though, Steve Madden?" A.J. asked.

"Nope. If they were then I could garuntee you that I wouldn't be having such problems." She sighed. "Wanna' go talk to Kris?"

"Yeah, I'ld like to know what's up with all of this and how Lisy is doing." He put out his arm politely for Atta to take. "Don't want any more falls now do we?" He joked.

"No, we certainly don't!" She laughed back. Looping her arm through A.J.'s, off they headed to find Kristen.

Howie was seated at a booth table. Colette was soaking his hand in ice from a soda piture. Nick was sitting on the inside of the booth on Colette's side looking at the floor in shame for accusing such as innocent person of such things.

"You know Nick, you don't have to be so upset about all of this. You were only trying to defend her." Howie said.

Nick looked up. He felt so much responsibility for all that had happened.

"It's alright, Lisy will be fine. She's a very strong girl." Colette gently patted Nick on the shoulder.

Just then, Atta and A.J. walked up. "Where's Kristen? We thought we saw her some over this way." Atta said, glancing around.

"No...no she hasn't been here. Do you know where she took Allisyn?" Colette asked.

"Well not really, but A.J. and I saw her walking in from outside so she probably went to the bus. It seems like the most logical place." Atta provided, still looking around in hope of seeing Kristen.

"Okay. Maybe we should have someone go out and check on Lisy." Colette suggested. "So who wants to go?"

"I'll go." Nick said, preparing himself to get up.

"Maybe I better go instead." A.J. suggested. He turned to walk away, but instead, for a little good luck, he grabbed Atta by the arm and yanked her in towards him for a quick and sweet kiss. He then brushed past her swiftly as if nothing had happened in a fast pace not looking back once. Howie, Nick, and Colette just looked at each other and Atta stared at him as he headed out the door.

"Lisy, you in here?" A.J. asked at nearly a whisper as he knocked on the girls' bus door. "Allisyn?" he said a bit louder, pushing the door open. It swung open with ease so he stepped up carefully inside, making sure that the door shut behind him. "Ally? It's A.J. Where are you?"

He first checked in the bathroom and then behind the curtains of each bunk. When no Allisyn showed up, he assumed that he would have to find her in the entertainment room. "Allisyn?" He pushed the door open to it. The room was empty of life, but there ws something laying neatly on one of the couches. The dress, shoes, and jewelry that he had bought her lay on it with a note. It read :

Dear AJ,
Here are the things that you bought me back. I do not desreve them and because of who I am, I do not need them. If this is not AJ who finds this, then please give this note to him. It is for him as it reads. To continue AJ, please tell everyone that I have left and to simply get one of those back-up dancers. I think Julia would be a good choice. I am simply not cut out to lead this kind of life. It is not me. Please also let Howie and Kristen know that I will stop. I am sorry to everyone for all of the trouble that I have caused. I truely am sorry.
SIncerely yours,

After finiching reading the note that was scribbled on a fresh piece of purple notebook page, A.J. looked up. "Oh shit..." He thought aloud. He check her drawer that was under her bunk and sure enough, it was empty. He took the note and dashed out of the bus and back inside to find Colette.