|| chapter 7 ||

Allisyn dug furiously through her purse. She finally found a cigarette and her lighter. She placed the cigarette in her mouth and was about to light it when she heard Colette come into the main room. Allisyn quickly put back the things into her purse and went out to find out what was going on.

"Tonight you are all invited to a formal dinner party in Manchester at 7:00 pm so make sure that everyone knows." Colette was saying to A.J. "Oh hey Lis." She said when she saw Allisyn emerge from her room.

"Hi." Allisyn smiled.

Colette recognized that Allisyn had heard what she was explaining so she continued by asking, "So, I will see you both there?"

"Yup." A.J. answered.

"Umm...I don't think so. I think I'm just gonna' stay in tonight." Allisyn said.

"Oh come on." A.J. said. "You've gotta' come!"

"Well I don't even have anything to wear." She protested.

"Then I'll bring you to get something, my treat." A.J. insisted.


"Please Lis? It would be nice to have you there." Colette nearly begged.

"Oh I guess so." Lisy smiled.

"So when shall we shop?" A.J. asked excitedly.

"Well I'm dressed...and you're dressed...so why not now?"

"Cool! I'll go get my wallet!" He was about to go off and fetch it when Colette broke in.

"Why don't you ask the others if they want to go?"

"No." A.J. said. "This is Allisyn's day and no one else's. Besides, if I'm buying stuff for her then I'll have to buy for everyone." Colette smiled and rolled her eyes as she shook her head at him. Allisyn just laughed.

"We're here! Stop, please!" A.J. commanded. Leese pulled her rented car over to the curb. "So I'll pick you both up back here in an hour?" She asked.

"Better make it 2." A.J. grinned, looking at his wide selection of stores.

"Alright." Leesa smiled as A.J. and Allisyn climbed out of the car. She waved and drove off as they began walking down the sidewalk.

"So where are we going first?" Allisyn said, casually glancing around.

"How about here?" He said, turning to the first formal dressware shop. It was called Adell's Formals. The store turned out to be much larger inside than it had appeared outside. Whoever Adell was, she had some nice dress designs thay both had decided.

Only about an hour had gone by by the time A.J. and Allisyn had decided on a dress in Adell's for Lisy. It was a long tube dress in midnight blue covered in silver sequins.

Of course A.J. had to buy Lisy the matching platforms. She insisted that it wasn't necessary, but he bought them any way. Then he found the perfect silver hoops and silver weaved chain necklace in another store called Mathis East and bought them for her as well.

By the end of the 2 hours, Allisyn felt like a spoiled little rich girl. Everything went in Leesa's trunk except the dress which they put in the backseat where A.J. volunteered to sit.

When they arrived back at the hotel, they showed Leesa the dress in the private parking lot. "Oh, how exquisit!" She smiled. It reminded her of all the reasons she had to want a daughter, or at least a child. "She snapped out of her trance and said, "Let's hurry and go up now before any fans see."

"Okay." They both said.

Around 6 that night, everyone was ready for the party. Colette changed their scheduling a little bit and had them all pack up their things. They planned to leave for the next city right after the party.

Everyone piled into their respective buses with Kristen in the boys' and Colette in the dancers'.

They arrived at the party a little eary, but many were already there and they were welcomed in just the same. Many other touring artists and bands and filming actors and actresses were there as well as other rich and important people such as producers and directors.

"Wow, just look at all of these people!" Dani whispered to Atta.

"I know!" She replied. "Look, there's Devon Sawa! He is so hott!" she sighed.

"Yeah, I know!" Danielle began to melt along with Atta.

"Hey guys, who are you drooling over?" Cloe said as she and Allisyn approached them.

"Devon Sawa! And look! There's Leonardo DiCaprio!" Atta nearly passed out on the floor as the words left hr mouth.

"Wow..." Cloe barely managed to squeek out.

"And isn't that that movie writer, Heather Waldman?" (Author's Note: Humor me, people, LOL.) Allisyn pointed out. "She wrote and directed that new Devon Sawa movie, right?" (AN: Hehehe...)

"Yeah." Cloe smiled as she looked around for more hotties.

Hours later, about around 11-ish or so, a fight broke out in the bar.

"Hey Lsiy!" Atta ran over to her and tugged on her arm.

"Woah, what's wrong?" She said in response, shaking off Atta'a tigh grasp.

"Can't you hear the fight over in the bar?"


"Well it's Nick and some guy named Shawn and the fight is about you! I even heard them say your name!" She began tugging at Allisyn's arm again.

"I'm sure there are a lot of Allisyn's out there." She protested once more.

"I know, but I'm positive that it's you!"

"Um...okay..." Atta didn't let her finish. They both ran quickly over to the bar and pushed to the center of the circle of people that was surrounding Nick and Shawn.

"How can you even look at that girl?! She's such a fucking hoe! And she's a druggie-weed smoker, too! Just ask Brandon Alldrow, her ex-fiancee! Everyone knows it!" Shawn yelled.

"Shut-up asshole, you're wrong! She beautiful and perfect, not to mention innocent and all that shit you're saying is all a fucking lie!" Nick argued.

"Yeah right! Dream on singing boy! Just call up Brandon! I got his number right here!" Shawn pulled out an address book. "He has custody of their son because of her being such a slut and a druggie!"

Out of the corner of his eye, Nick spotted Allisyn standing there watching the fight. Hot tears were streaming down her face and he sensed something deep down inside. "Is he telling the turth?"