|| chapter 6 ||

Atta leaned on the window as she watched the darkened scenerey whiz by. She was incredibly tired from the show, as was everyone else, and every time she exhailed, the window would be coated with a soft white mist which disapeared only seconds after it reappeared.

"Hey, what's wrong?" Allisyn bounced over to her in a rather hyper mood.

"Nothing, it's just that I'm so fricking tired it's not funny." She rubbed her eyes wearily and took a deep yawn.

"Why don't you go to your bunk and go to sleep? This is our bus. I think Cloe's in hers and I gave mine to Howie." She stood up, ready to help Atta.

"Sure." Atta yawned again and with Allisyn's help got up. She smiled at Allisyn and then proceeded to her bunk.

Allisyn began to experience a sudden shut down of her body and collapsed onto the couch where Atta had been seated. Her breathing began to slow and her eyelids become heavy. She took one last look around and fell asleep.

A.J. walked into the room. "Hey, who's got the...mary jane? Shit!" He sniffed the air once again and looked around. The only person he saw was Allisyn. "Naw, dat just ain't possible." He said to himself and erased the thought from his mind and left the room.

"Get up! Get up! We're back at the hotel!" Called Colette through the bus. "Come on you lazy people, get up!"

A few groans were heard as everyone woke up to go to their beds in the hotel and sleep.

"Where's Lisy?" Colette asked after everyone else had gotten off of the bus.

"I think she's still asleep. I'll go an' get her." Nick offered. He climbed back into the bus. "Lisy, wake up!" He called. he found her asleep on the couch and shook her. "Allisyn, wake up." She still gave no response. "Okay then..." He bent over and scooped her up and carried her out of the bus.

"Aww, how sweet!" A.J. mocked. "Didn't want to wake her up, aye?"

"Shut-up, I tried. She's out cold. She looks stoned or something." He joked and he and A.J. shared a quick laugh.

Everyone else had gone to bed by the time A.J. and Nick, with Lisy, got upstairs to the rooms. A.J. went strait to his room and Nick found Allisyn's and brought her in it.

He went to leave and she woke up. "Is thatyou? Come here." She beckoned. He looked around as if expecting someone else to be in the room and then walked back over to her bedside. She reached up without warning and grabbed hold onto his shirt collar. She pulled him down until his lips met hers and porceeded to kiss him for a good long minute until she finally pushed him away. "I love you, Brandon." She whispered to him. Just like that, she was out cold again.

The next morning, Allisyn got up and ran to the bathroom. It was locked. "Shit!" She screamed and dashed into the boys room to their bathroom. Howie was in there brushing his hair, but she couldn't care less. Lisy ran to the toilet and began throwing up. Howie shut the door and walked over to her. He patted her on the back until she was done. Then she sat up and grabbed a towel to wipe off her mouth and flushed the toilet.

"You should really listen to what he has to say. Maybe you'd stop this." Howie said sternly as if he were mad at her.

"What?" Lisy asked, standing up and putting down the lid on the toilet seat so that she could sit without falling into the the toilet.

"Listen to Brandon. I think that it will do you some good and Jake as well." He said turning away.

"She looked up at him and ended up facing his back. "What are you talking about?" Her heart began beating faster as sweat started to form on her body.

"I read that purple paper that was in your purse."

"You had no fucking right to!" She got up, afriad of what was next. She got another towel and wiped off some of the sweat on her forehead.

"I'm really sorry that I read it, but yet I'm glad I did. I didn't mean to. It had fallen out of your purse and I picked it up toi see what it was. When I read it, I couldn't even face you. I had to think of what to say, but now I know." He turned back around to see her well up in tears and fall to the floor with her head in her hands. He went and sat down beside her. "It's alright. Just listen to Brandon and everything will be okay. I'll help you fight to get through this...does any one else know?"

"Yeah...Kristen." She managed to get out as her sobs slowed.

"Well I'm gonna' have a talk with her and I'm sure we can fiugure out how to help you." Howie gave her a quick hug.

"But don't tell any one else." Allisyn mumbled.

"I won't."

After talking with Kristen and Howie a little bit later, Allisyn headed back to her room to get more sleep. Nick watched her go in and slide the door shut. He wanted to know what was up with her last night so he went over and gently knocked on her door.

She opened it. "Hey Nick!" she smiled.

"Can I talk to you a sec?" he asked.

"Sure." She stepped back as he came into her room and shut the door behind himself. "So?"

"I was just wondering what was up with that kiss last night."

"What kiss?" she asked suprisedly.

"The one you gave me before you fell asleep."

"What the hell are you talking about?" Her heart began to speed up even faster than it had when she was with Howie. "Di-did I ki-kiss you?" She managed to stammer.


Allisyn's heart stopped. She couldn't believe that it had happened a second time. "W-we didn't do anything else...right?"

"No...but after you did it, you said I love you, Brandon."

Not only did her heart stop, but now she couldn't breathe either. She must have been really up there last night. As she tried to recollect last night's events in her mind, Nick eased over to her and planted his lips firmly yet softly on hers.

Allisyn tried to resist him, but it didn't work. She let him do his tongue magic on her until they both ran out of breathe and pulled away.

"Oh-my-god, I am such a dumbass!" Tears began to fill her eyes again. "Leave! Please, just leave!"

Nick shook his head at her in disbelief, then turned and left, slamming the door shut behind him.