|| chapter 5 ||

Allisyn woke up at 7 - a very early time for her. She dragged herself over to the kitchen and found a box of Cheerios in the cabinet.

"Oh hey, I thought I heard someone up." Nick walked over to Lisy and hopped up onto the counter.

Allisyn began to laugh.

"And what might I ask is so funny?" He grabbed a handful of Cheerios and stuffed them into his mouth.

"You remind me of one of my older sisters! She used to do that exact counter hop almost every morining!"

"So you're calling me a girl? How many older sisters you got any way?"

"No! That's not what I meant. Well I have two older sisters - Tina and Jessica. You remind me of Tina!" She laughed to herself. "Never mind. Come on." She had him follow her over to the living room and the turned on the t.v.

Atta groaned from her room as she the familiar commercial that she had heard so many times before. It was the one for Snickers where the guy holds the panda picture and goes "Pretty, pretty dancing! Pretty, pretty dancing!" She soon heard Allisyn let out a giggle at it. She really didn't feel like getting out of bed, but Lisy and Nick were making so much damn noise that she couldn't take it, so she got up.

"Morinin' Atta!" Allisyn smiled as Atta dragged herself down the stairs and then flopped her tired body down beside her.

"Yeah." She grabbed the Cheerio box from Allisyn and took a handful. "How come you two are up so early?"

"Well how come you are?" Nick asked. Atta gave him a 'come on' look. "Oh, sorry..." He smiled.

"Yeah, sorry. I just woke up and couldn't fall back asleep. It was so weird." Allisyn turned her head back to look at the screen and then she remembered why she had such trouble sleeping.

Only an hour later and all 3 of them were back asleep on the couches.

Back over in his room, Howie rubbed his eyes. He got up, walked out, and then strtched a little. He spotted Danielle searching the kitchen over in the girls' room and decided to go over and talk to her a little. "Hey Dani!" He said as he approached her.

"Shhh! They're sleeping!" She whispered as she pointed over to Nick, Allisyn, and Atta.

"Oh, sorry. So what's up?" He asked.

"Nothin'. I'm just searching for some food for breakfast I am like so fricking hungry." Danielle leaned over and began digging trough the ice box.

Howie began feeling rather uncomfortable standing there. He found that she had such a nice ass as it was RIGHT in front of him. It didn't help that she had on the skimpiest little silk shorts, either.

Dani stood up and slammed the ice box door shut. "Want some?" She held up a carton of milk.

"Yeah...sure..." He stared intently at her as she poured the milk evenly into two glasses. He found her matching silk tank top to be quite see-through and tried his hardest not to look, but it was so tempting.

"Here." She handed him a glass. His hand touched hers on the glass and they both looked up and made eye contact. Howie set the glass down and took a couple of steps closer. They both knew what was about to happen. Howie slowly leaned into give her a most passionate kiss.

At first Danielle kissed back, but then she quickly pulled away. "No...this isn't right...I love my boyfriend." She snatched up her glass and proceeded to walk as fast as she could without spilling her milk back to her room. She slid the door shut behind her.

Allisyn woke up some time around noon. She rubbed her eyes and rolled herself off of the couch. She stood and stretched.

After a few minutes of digging through her still-packed suitcase, she finally found a baby blus shaneil (pardon my spelling, but I hope you know what I'm talking about...hehehe) sweater with a yellow stripe across the chest and a pair of navy blue leggings to wear. Along with her Calvin Klein underware, she grabbed her "away kit" filled with the essentials - shampoo and conditioner, bpdy wash, shaving gel and a razor, styling gel, hair spray, and her entire endless make-up collection. She took these and went to the bathroom to shower. Accidentally and without noticing it, she knocked her purse off of her dresser outside of her room. A few things spilled out onto the floor - some Advil, a bottle of unmarked pills, a Visa card, and a set of keys...and the small piece of purple paper that she had shown to Kristen...

"Hey Howie!" Allisyn said after her shower. "I guess we're the only ones awake!" She gave him a big smile and walked into her room to tidy up her mess of clothes on her bed.

Although she had never known that her purse had fallen, it was all picked up and back on her dresser. Howie had cleaned it up..and had read that small purple page ripped from a spiral-bound notebook.

Even though he was deeply concerned with his new knowledge of Lisy's life, he had his own problems. Howie went to his room adn shut the abruptly as Allisyn re-entered the now giant room (the folding screen was allthe way open). "Okay then..." She said to herself.

Allisyn seemed to be the only one in a semi-happy mood that morning. Danielle kept walking around and saying stuff about her being such a bad and horrible person and Howie was too embarasses of *something* to come out of his room. Kristen (whop had slipped into Kevin's room) and Kevin were still asleep and so was A.J. Atta and now Nick, too, were upset because everyone was making so much noise and neither could sleep. Cloe was just being Cloe and was pissed at something or other, and the only one left, Brian, was mad because he had just found out that he wouldn't be able to see LeighAnne in France like they had planned. Yay. What a fun day for everyone.

2 1/2 hours Later

Finally everyone was up, dressed, and looked decent. Colette came into the boys' room and she was very pleased to find out that she didn't have to repeat was she was about to say twice because the screen was open and basically they were all in the same room.

"Okay," Colette started, "Time to head over and get ready for the show...hey! What the hell is wrong with all of you? You all look dead to the world!" She husseled them out the boys' door, hearing a few groans as she did so.

Once down in the lobby, the BSB were asked to sign a few autographs. Then they snuck out the back and all got on the dancers' bus which was to help disguise them. Off they went to the stadium.