|| chapter 4 ||

"I guess these are weird rooms!" Atta remarked as she walked into a big room with six doors - 3 on each side.

"Cloe walked over to one and attempted to open it, but the door knob wouldn't turn. "Hey! What the hell?!"

Colette invited the boys into the room. "Okay, lemme explain." She started. "The only reason I understand this hotel is because I grew up in it. This is my parents' hotel."

"Oh cool! Does that mean we get freebies?" Nick asked, a little too excited.

"No." Colete turned back to the others and ignored his disappointed look. "Okay, well there are 6 rooms in each room. One is a bathroom and the other 5 are bedrooms. All of the doors open by sliding."

"Oops..." Cloe giggled at her own stupidity.

"Guys, your room looks exactly as theirs does. Both of your rooms are connected by that Japanese folding screen over there." She pointed to the far wall. "That over there," she pointed again, "is your sunken living room and over there is your kitchen complete with bar. You make your own food here."

Many groans came with the thought of acctually doing something for one's self.

"Come on guys, I'll show you to your room." Colette walked out into the hall.

"Kevy, I'm gonna' stay in here - for Lisy's sake." Kristen whispered into Kevin's ear.

"Yeah, I understand..." He kissed her and followed the rest of the guys to their room.

The bedrooms turned out to be very small. They were only big enough to fit a full size bed and a tiny night stand in. Each door had a dresser outside of it except the bathroom.

"Wow! Look at this place!" Dani stared, mouth open, at the bathroom. "I love the make-up counter!" Everyone shook their heads and went out inot the living room to leave her alone with the bathroom of her dreams.

"I love this place!" Nick leaped into the sunken living room onto a couch...or not...


"Ahhhh!" Nick screamed back. "Woah, sorry Rok!"

"You just didn't expect someone to sit on a couch, right?" Brain asked as Nick climbed off of him.

"Right! I mean who in their right mind would sit on a couch?" he joked and then was pelted with pillows until Brian ran out of them.

"Help! They're gonna' kill me!" The Japanese folding screen slid open and into the boys' room ran Atta as Allisyn and Cloe chased her. She crahsed into A.J. and they both fell to the ground.

"Ha! Gotcha'!" Allisyn snatched the t.v. remote from Atta's tight grasp and then she and Cloe dashed back into their room with happy and content looks.

"Sorry." Atta stood and helped A.J. up.

"That's alright." His smile penetrated her thoughts and, surprisingly, she was acctually at a loss for words.

After about a minute of gazing, Atta finally woke herself up. "Um, sorry. I'm just, uh, gonna' go now..." her voice trailed off and then she turned and ran back to her room. She forgot to shut the screen, so it remained open.

Howie walked out of his room to see waht the cuase of such a comotion was and found a picture of a baby boy on the floor. He picked it up. "Hey, this baby is really cute!"

A.J. walked over, and in his best womanly voice said, "Awww, how sweet!" Then he turned serious. "Where'd it come from?"

Brain came over to see. "Maybe one of the girls dropped it when they went on their rampage."

The three of tham, and Nick, went into the girls' room. "Hey ladies, is this any of yours?" A.J. asked.

Atta and Cloe walked over. "Oh he's so cute!" Atta squeeled and took the picture from Howie.

"Not mine." Cloe turned. "Hey Dani, Lis? Is this either of yours?"

Kristen had come over. "Oh my gosh, this litle guy is so sweet!"

Dani and Lis climbed the stairs out of the living room. Danielle took the pic and loked first. "Nope, not mine...but he sure is a little doll!"

Then Lisy looked. Her face went white as it had on the bus. "Um...yeah...it's my picture..."

"Oh he's so cute! I wish my baby brother loked like this! Unfortunetly, some of us aren't as lucky." Danielle handed the pic over to Allisyn as she thought of her not-so-baby brother, Todd.

Allisyn put the picture safely in her wallet. "Yeah. I love my, uh, baby brother. My whole family does. We were all so happy when my mom decided to have him." She smiled as the color slowly returned to her pale face.

"What's his name and how old is he?" Cloe asked.

"Um, Jacob...we just call him Jake. He's almost 3 now." She took a deep breath. She was alright.

Colette brought the whole gang out, including Leesa and Allan, for fish and chips after the concert. Allisyn, Kristen, Atta, and Dani passed. hey went across the street instead and got some good old American style ice cream.

"Thanks Colette, you rock." A.J. said as he tried (key word:TRIED) to eat his fish and chips like a real Englishman.

"Your welcome, but we all know that you guys deserve it."

"Ahem!" Cloe winked at Colette.

"And girls, sorry! Tonight was great. Better than last night.

"Thanks!" They all said, almost in unison, but not quite.

Later, back at the hotel, everyone was just hanging out, not really doing anything.

After another session of Kristen listening to Lisy cry, she pulled her aside. "Hey Lis, can I talk to you?"

"Um, yeah. Sure..." She was confused but followed Kristen into the bathroom. Se locked the door, which frightened Allisyn a little. "So what's up?" she asked.

"You tell me."


"Allisyn, I've heard you cry. It bothers me to see you so sad. Now please, I sware I won't tell anyone, not even Kevin, just tell me what's bothering you and what makes you cry so. Are you just homesick or something?"

"I don't know what your talking about. And how can someone my age be homesick?" Allisyn headed to the door, but didn't make it. She burst into tears and pulled a small piece of purple paper from her pocket.

"Oh my..." Kristen said after reading it.

"Don't tell anyone." Lisy spoke out through her sobs.

"I won't. I promise." She took up Lisy in her arms and let her cry into her shoulder. Now everything really was alright.