|| chapter 3 ||

"Lisy...Lisy! Lisy!!!" Danielle kicked at Allisyn. Only she, Lis, and Nick remained in the lounge the next morning. When Dani woke up, she found Nick with his arm around Allisyn on the floor with a blanket thrown over them.

Lisy groaned and pulled the covers over her head. Dani grabbed the blanket and yanked it off the both of them. Nick rubbed his eyes causing his vision to blurr. Suddenly Allisyn leaped up. "Ohmygod." She ran out and got back to her room as quick as possible. "Oh lord, oh lord. Please tell me we didn't do anything!" She was nearly crying and sweat was dripping from her forehead.

Danielle walked in shortly after, but had heard her talking to herself. "Nope. You both just fell asleep and I guess one of the guys must have done the arm and blanket thing as a joke."

"Well it wasn't funny. Don't tell anyone about this. I mean it." She grabbed some clothes and hurridly got dressed. Dani decided to do the same. After they fixed themselves up, they went down for breakfast.

"Come on, Cloe! We gotta' get down to breakfast! I'm sooo hungry!" Atta whinned.

Cloe ignored her and continued doing her make-up. She finished and paraded out of the bathroom past Atta. "Come on then, let's go!"

Nick arrived down last, but fortunetly for Cloe, she made sure the seat next to hers was empty. When he sat down there, Atta shook her head and sighed ailently at Cloe's satisfied look.

"Alrighty," Colette announced, "After breakfast, get ready to leave. We will be going srait to the next hotel. It is probably going to take us all afternoon to get ther, but we will be spending 3 nights there. The rooms are sorta' different then what one would normally expect, but I'll explain them once we're there. The concerts are tonight and tomorrow night."

"Where are we going? Like, what city?" Kristen asked.

"Well, the hotel is in St. Helen's and tonight's concert is in Liverpool and tomorrow's is in Manchester." Colette sipped her tea. Soon the food was delivered and everyone ate and then headed up to pack.

"Got everything girls?" Colette called to the back of the girls' bus.

"Yeah!" Came a chorus of 5 girls - Kristen had decided to join them and get to know them each a little better. She found each one really very sweet.

"Okay, Lees." Colette turned and told her.

Leesa beeped the horn to Allan and they were off.

"Do any of you have like, boyfriends or anything?" Kristen asked as she made herself comfortable.

"Nope." Atta sighed.

"Yeah! I wish!" Cloe basically yelled. "But I have got this totally major crush on Nick! He is just so damn hot!"

Kristen laughed. "Well, I'll put in a good word for you!"

"Ooh! I do!" Dani sounded very proud of herself. "His name is Bobby.." She then drifted off into her own dream land.

"How about you, Allisyn?" Kristen looked over at her. She had an odd look on her face that she wiped away quicky, but Kristen noticed it.

"Um, no. Not really." Allisyn's voice was a little shakey, but she changed it. "No, I don't. And please call me Lisy."

"Uhhh, right. Lisy. Sorry." Kristen smiled and knew that she would have to find out what was wrong with Allisyn and why the word boyfriend had frightened her so much.

2 Hours later on the BSB bus...

"Okay! I give up! You win! Now can we just put away this freaking game?" A.J. complained and tossed the controller onto the floor. He had been playing Mortal Kombat on N64 wiht Nick for the last hour and a half and it was really starting to get annoying.

"Oh, fine." Nick turned off the system and put it away.

Kevin had gone off to the bathroom and when he walked back into the bus's lounge, he sighed with relief as he saw what was on the t.v. He wasn't quite sure what it was and didn't care - as long as it wasn't Mortal Kombat. "Hey guys?" He said after situating himself on the couch.

"What?" They all turned their heads and Howie put the t.v. on mute.

"Well, I was talking to Kristen on my cell-"

"Oh lordy, Kev. You're away from her for a few hours and you just had to call her?"

"Like you should talk, Bri!" A.J. laughed

"Acctually, she called me...but any ways," Kevin continued after they stopped laughing, "She was really upset about Allisyn. She said that when she and the girls were talking about their boyfriends, Allisyn's face had gone completely white and she appeared afraid of something."

"Geeze, if Kris broke up her girl-time to call you about Lisy, it must really be something serious." Howie looked around at everyone else and they all nodded in a greement.

"Yeah, but what scares me the most is that Kristen is totally terrified for Lis's sake because she heard her crying for almost 45 minutes in the bathroom." Kevin turned his gaze to out the window.

"Well Kris is a smart girly. I'm sure she'll know how to help her." Nick reassured Kevin...although he began to remember last night when he had passed by Allisyn's dressing room after the concert and had overheard her crying just as Kristen had...