|| chapter 2 ||

After Lunch

Oh these beds! They are so soft! Much, much nicer than my old one at home!" Cloe relaxed out on her bed while Atta channel surfed.

"You think our rooms are nice? You should see the ones the guys get! They even have their own lounge-living room mthing!"

"Unfair! Hey, stop! Road Rules!"

At the same time...


"I'll get that!" Danielle picked up the phone placed by her bedside. "Hello? Hell-o?"

"Um, I think that's the door...I'll get it." Allisyn walked over to the door and flung it open, forgetting that she was suppost to take precautions when she opened the doors. There stood Brian. "Hi...Come on in..."

"Well acctually, I was just wondering if you guys wanted to come watch Scream 3 with us, I mean everyone. We all are."



"Um, hey Dani! Wanna' go watch Scream 3 with the guys?"

"Yeah, sure!" She turned of the television. "Oh hey Brian." She smiled and grabbed the key on her way out. Making sure she shut the lights off behind her, she locked the door and tossed the key in her purse.

In the Private Lounge...

"Hey! Good, you're just in time! It's gonna' start in about 30 seconds!" Nick yelled across the room as Brian entered with Danielle and Allisyn. They all quickly rushed to find comfortable seats. Brian slid down on the floor by A.J. and Howie. Danielle squeezed in on the end of the couch by Atta. Lisy took the only good remaining seat - a spot on the opposite end of the couch beside Nick.

Half way through the movie, in walked Colette. "Okay, movie off. Time for rehersal - and sorry, but there's been a change in plans. After rehersal we're going to get dinner somewhere and then go directly to the concert. You can finish you're movie tonight." Everyone groaned, but agreed seeing as she was the boss.


"First we are going to practice Don't Want You Back." Commanded Fatima. The rehersal was all for Allisyn since she had never practiced with the whole group.

Lisy glidded and twirled with perfect ease. Cloe watched jealously as Nick dipped her.

A.J. - and Fatima - could both tell that Cloe was not focused on her dancing. She was seeming to be rather sloppy about her steps and moves. She had stepped on A.J.'s feet 3 times, missed 5 steps completely, and made herself fall when she didn't work with A.J. on one of the dips.

After they had run through all the songs and were just reviewing a few things in It's Gotta' Be You, Fatima just blew up. "Okay, that's a rap! I expect more from you!" she looked directly at Cloe. "You better be more focused tonight!" she scolded and then gathered up her things and left.

After the Concert

Some how, Cloe managed to acctually keep focused through her first professional concert.

"Wow, that was like, so totally awesome!" Atta remarked, very bubbly, in the ride back to the hotel.

"You guys are really good." A.J. complimented the girls - even Cloe.

"Oh, and like you should talk! I mean of no offense to my girls, but you guys danced way better than us!" Danielle gushed.

"Well, even if we did it was plainly because we have had a lot more experience." Nick remarked - which was not so smart... Brian Kicked him - which caused him to fall on Cloe and which caused her to fall on Allisyn which cuased her to fall onto the limo's floor.

"Sorry." Brian reached his hand out to help her up, but she seemed to back away from his help.

"That's alright." she got herself back upm on the seat beside Cloe.

The guys had re-invited their dancers back to watch Scream 3. When everyone finally got settled in, it was around 1:30am. They popped the video in the machine and started it from where they had left off.

Around 2, Kevin and Kristen went back to their room. Soon after them, Danielle helped Atta carry Cloe back to hers and Atta's room. Dani returned to finish the movie.

When she walked back in, everyone had re-arranged their seats. Howie sat on one end of the couch with A.J. on the other. Brian sat near Howie's feet. Nick and Allisyn were stretched out on the floor with their feet kicking in the air as if they were little children.

Danielle drifted off to sleep around 3:00am. Brian had left some time before that and both A.J. and Howie lay asleep on their ends of the couch. Nick and Lisy were really the only two that saw the whole movie, begining to end.

When the movie ended, Nick clicked it on rewind andturned on the European Nick at Nite. I Love Lucy was on and eventually, both Allisyn and Nick fell alseep on the soft carpet.