|| chapter 1 ||

A sort of small and rather timid girl off on her way to fame stumbled through the parking lot at the Jive Records studio in London, England. She had flown all the way from Long Island, New York, USA, and across the ocean and was now silently praying to herself that she made it on the plane safely.

"Hey! Are you Allisyn?" A loud voice yelled from a window on a bus.

"Um, yeah!" She yelled back, not quite sure who this was because she had forgotten to put her glasses on.

"Well hurry up then 'cause we're gonna' be leavin' in like 10!" Her head popped back inside the bus

Allisyn began jogging the best she could up the bus while trying not to drop anything. When she reached the door, she was also greeted by a sign on its face reading : BSB Dancers - HERE. She swallowed hard and pushed the door open and began ascending the three steps that would give her her destiny.

To her left were four bunks. One had bags on it, one had a post-it-note reading "Reserved for Cloe" on the side, one was completely empty, and on the other lay a girl with wavy light brown hair tied up in a messy bun reading the latest copy of Seventeen.

"Hi." The girl put her magazine down and sat up. "I'm Danielle Randolf and you must be our missing child, Allisyn Trust!"

"Um, right. But you can call me Lisy. Everyone does."

"Well in that case, call me Dani. That's what my gilrs back home used to call me until we all got lives!" Dani smiled sweetly.

"Okay - so Dani, I'm asuming that this bunk is mine seeing that that one is yours, that one is taken, and that one is Cloe's?" Allisyn pointed to each one as she spoke.

"Yuppers. How did you know that was - oh nevermind, now I csee her stupid sticky thing. Ugh." She ripped it off and tossed it on the floor, making sure to kick it out of any one's possible sight. "Why weren't you at like ANY of the practices?"

Lisy plopped her things down. "I had to work like, all the time, but I practiced with Fatima privately at my home so no I know everything."

Two bubbly girls suddenly came bouncing into the 'bunkroom' as they called it. "Hey Allisyn I'm Cloe!" A girl with long, flowing, deep brown hair greeted her.

"Yeah - she's that loudmouth annoyance who screamed to you out the back window!" The other girl grinned. Cloe shoved her. "Any ways, I'm Atta Ahsley...and do not say anything about me being an ant!" She wrinkled her nose at the thought and pushed some of her about shoulder-length dirty blonde hair out of her eyes and tucked it neatly behind her ear.

Allisyn smiled, a tad shyly though, and looked around. "Ah, aren't there five dancers? It kinda' evens it out."

"Yeah...but the fifth is Kevin's wife, Kristen. She's pretty cool, but lucky her gets to stay on the bus with the guys. Leighanne didn't come." Atta coughed, giving a little notation that she wasn't that fond of her sas Cloe climbed up to her top bunk. Allisyn's was underneath hers.

Along with these dancers came the new tour director, Colette Roudgurrs. She would be riding mostly in the girls bus in the front witht the bus driver, Leesa Schmitt, but occasionally might ride up front in the boys' bus with Leesa's husband (their driver), Allan.

Colette hurridly climbed into the bus and latched the door behind her. "Hey ladies, we're gonna' be meeting up with the guys at our first hotel stop just outside of London - and yes I know we are in London, but it will take a while to get there because it's way on the other side and is pretty far out of our way. We'll catch some lunch there, then you'll get some free time, then comes rehersal, then some more free time, and then our first concert for this tour!" Each of the girls listened closely. Allisyn in particular just plain loved the way Colette talked (no, she is strait so don't get any ideas) because she had a tiny little English accent that made her words sound so pretty. All of the girls were from America - Allisyn from Long Island, New York, US; Daniella from Boston, Mass., US; Atta from a small town in Ohio, US; and Cloe from Quebec, Canada.

Before the bus pulled out to follow the boys', the dancers ran to the back of the bus to the lounge.

"So have you guys met the Backstreet Boys yet? I haven't." Allisyn sighed.

"Yeah, we always had to practice with them." Atta propped her feet up on the table. Cloe had to gaze around them to see Allisyn.

"Oooh, Allisyn!"

"Call me Lisy, please."

"Sure, Lisy, whatever - any ways, you are soooo lucky! I am like dreadfully jealous of you! You get to dance with the hottest guy that ever lived!" Cloe began to melt as the thought of 'him' ran through her head.

"And this would be...?" Lisy looked at the others girls for an answer. Strangely enough, neither Fatima or Colette had mentioned who she would be dancing with.

"Uh-oh..." Danielle covered her ears.

"Oh no, you've gotten her star-" Atta was cut off when Cloe went crazy that Lisy didn't know who she was talking about.

"What?! Who?! I'll tell you who - the most beautiful and wonderful man alive! Why someday I'm going to be walking up the asile as Miss Cloe Jeanette DiZandifee [DEE-zan-di-fay] and then I'm gonna' be walking back down it as Mrs. Nickolas Gene Carter!"

"Well now she's basically off in her own world. So that's who you'll be dancing with - Nick Carter. I can't believe Fatima or even Colette didn't tell you. He's really nice just the same." Danielle paused to cough. "I've got Howie, Atta's with Brian, and Cloe is with A.J. Kristen is obviously with her hubbie."

"A.J. Ugh. Why couldn't I be with Nick? It's so not fair." Cloe mumbled to herself as the bus rolled along down the road.

An hour Later

The girls all stood up and stretched out in the crisp 'winter-is-coming' air of a little hotel outside of the city line of London. Allisyn was nervous about meeting the guys, but all the other girls helped her not to be. Cloe was just plain excited to get to see Nick again.

Colette ran in and right back out with the keys for all of the rooms. She handed three to the guys - one for A.J. and Howie, one for Brian and Nick, and the other for Kristen and Kevin. Then she hurried over to the dancers. She explained the situation and they all decided that Cloe would share a room with Atta and Danielle would share with Allisyn. In total, the whole train took up 7 rooms - and all suits, mind you.

Colette gathered everyone together. "Alrighty guys and girls, you have got a half an hour to get situated in your rooms and then we're meeting for lunch in the dining hall. Oh and my boys, this is our missing dancer, Allisyn Trust. She's all yours Nick."

Lisy shook each boys' hand and then Kristen's. Then they all headed upstairs.

30 minutes later

Cloe, Allisyn, and Atta walked into the dining hall. They found Colette sitting at a long table talking to Nick, Howie, and Leesa. "Hi girls, where's Dani?"

"I think she's taking a shower. I heard the water running before I left the room." Allisyn answered.

"Well why don't you ladies come sit down." Howie stood up politely and pulled out two chairs for Cloe and Atta who happened to be standing on his side of the table. He then kicked Nick and he stood also and pulled out the one next to his for Lisy.

They thanked them after they sat. Cloe shot Allisyn a look of jealousy and Allisyn shot back a look of 'it-wasn't-my'fault.'

"So Allisyn, how old are you?" Howie asked from across the table.

"19, and do plese call me Lisy. Everyone does." She smiled, still a little shy.

Within the next few minutes, everyone else arrived for lunch...everyone but A.J. Then, after about 5 minutes he made his 'stunning' entrance. "Hey everybody, I'm heeeeeere!" He jumped over the back of the chair on Allisyn'd other side. "So what are you waiting for? Let's eat!"