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welcome. please do come in. hello, my name is heather and i would like to welcome you to my site, "the purple page." it is a fan fiction site with fan fics about the backstreet boys and aaron carter if you haven't already figured that out. my site used to be on angelifre and then i had to move it because angelfire screwed it all up...and then after i moved it i just re-did it with frames (*thanx brandy*). if the frames don't work on your browser, sorry about that. i'm kinda new at this frames stuff, so bear with me. to find out about when and with what i update, then join my mailing list at the bottom of this page. don't forget to sign my guestbook so that i can know that you stopped by. any news or other information or just anything else on the bsb and/or aaron that you would like to say, please post it on my message board or e-mail it to me and i'll post it there. thanx so much for stopping! enjoy!

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