|| katrina ||

this is the second AC story that i have posted on this site. it was not on my previous site. i hope you like it. it is called katrina. bBefore you read this story or any others on my site, please read my disclaimer.

|| katrina || - PG13
a girl named katrina, along with her brothers and sister, is moved by her mom from lovely new york across the entire country to california to be with her old best friend, jane carter. katrina's dad died and her mom wanted to get away from "what happened" (sorry, if i told you that then the story would not be cool anymore, LOL). her mother's name is melanie and is very abusive towards katrina. kat's brother david is trying to save her. hopefully he can save her from the horrid treatment before melanie kills one of the twins...

|| contents ||
|| chapter 1 ||