|| prolouge ||

"No! Why the hell did this have to happen?!" Feidra screamed as she ran down the hall, nearly knocking one of the nurses over.

Her boyfriend chased after her. She finally stopped when she came to the end of the hall and fell to the floor. He ran up. "Alex, this can't happen! She's just a little girl! Why the hell did this have to happen?!"

"Don't worry. She is in a much happier place now. Just think - all of her pain is gone and she is set free." He wrapped his arms around her and couldn't help but let a few tears go himself. He hugged her tighter as she cried into his chest.

Howie and Nick, two of Alex's friends, helped Ms. D'Anginitto walk down the hall to where her duaghter sat digged her hands into Alex's back. Feidra stood when she approached her and, for the first time ever since her said good-bye, she gave her mother a hug.