|| don't wanna lose you now ||

this is the second backstreet boys fanfic that i have ever posted. it was up on my angelfire page, but, well you have heard the story. no need to repeat it again. before you read this story or any of my stories (or others on my page), please read my disclaimer.

|| don't wanna lose you now || - PG13
catherine d'anginitto is only 12 years old and she is sick in the hospital with cancer. one of the backstreet boys is dating catherine's older sister, feidra (fay-dra). cathy's nurse, tabatha, also has a secret crush on another bsb. feidra and cathy's mother left them when they were young, and one day she suddenly shows back up. it is all up to faith and hope for their problems to be worked out and for cathy's life to be saved...

|| contents ||
|| prolouge ||
|| chapter 1 ||
|| chapter 2 ||
|| chapter 3 ||
|| chapter 4 ||
|| chapter 5 ||
|| chapter 6 ||

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