|| chapter 5 ||

"I think you need to go talk to her." Howie instructed.

"And the scoop her up in your arms and say Give it to me bayby, uh-huh, uh-huh!" Brian added.

"I prefer Howie's idea." Nick laughed.

"Well then go for it!" Howie insisted.


"Go!" Howie and Brian tossed Nick out into the corridor and after looking back and taking a deep breathe, he proceeded on his way to find Tabatha.

"You did what?!" Fiedra jumped up and down excitedly. It was nearing 1:00 pm and Tabatha had just explained what had happened earlier with her and Nick to her best friend. It was her first break since the incident.

"Yup...and the kiss was French style, if you know what I mean." She said proudly, winking to Feidra.

"Yo go girl!" Feidra exclaimed, extremely happy for Tabatha.

"Please quiet down!" A nurse scolded, popping her head out of a doorway.

"Oh... sorry!" Fiedra and Tabatha giggled and continued on their way.

After rounding a corner away from the nurse, Feidra said, "Well comke on Tabs! Let's go find Nick!" She grabbed hold onto Tabatha's arm and began dragging her down the corridor.

"I don't know about this!" she protested.

"Well I do! Come on!"

"Hello, hello!" In walked Cathy's mother only to find Mark and Tonie watching television with her. "Uh-oh..." she mumbled to herself.

"What the fuck?!" Mark leaped up. "What the hell are you doing here?!"

"I have the right to see my daughter if I want!" She yelled.

"Well you sure as hell haven't used that right very often ion the past few years!" Makr turned around and picked up his things. Tonie stood and repeated. "Bye Cath, we gotta' get home." He and Tonie both gave her a kiss.

"Bye sweetie." Tonie smiled.

"Bye dad, bye mom...uh...Tonie." Cathy said in response. Mark and Tonie understood. They quickly left.

One Hour Later

"Please, someone help me! Please! Help!" Cathy's mother screamed out into the corridor. "Please, it's my daughter! Please help!"

Two nurses came running. "What's wrong, ma'am?" one asked.

"My daughter! Help her! Catherine D'Anginitto! She won't wake up when I call her!"

"I'll go get Dr.Stephens!" The other nurse said as she headed off to find her. Cathy's mom lead the remaining nurse to Cathy. Her body lay still on the bed.

"Cathy! Cathy?! Catherine?!"

Nick and Tabatha sat making-out in the waiting room alone.

"Woah-ho! What do we have here?" A.J. asked as he stoled in. The two quickly pulled apart and casually attempted to make themselves look as if nothing had happened.

"Um, hey A.J., what's up?" Nick asked.

"It looks like Tabatha's shirt." He said with a wink to Tabatha. She fixed it as anonymously as possible.

"Um...so..." She began.

"Well I just came to tell you that I heard them page Cathy's doctor and Fay got worried so she went to check it out." A.J. said.

"Uh-oh." Tabatha got up, followed by Nick. She passed by A.J. and went out into the corridor nad started heading for Cathy's room.

Dr.Stephens rushed into to check on Cathy. "Well her heart is still beating, so she's still alive." She said after checking Cathy's pulse. "I'm sorry to say, but the reason she's not answering you may be because she has slipped into a coma."

Cathy's mother burst into tears.

Dr.Stephens accidently knocked into the bed and Cathy's eyes fluttered open to look directly at the doctor. Many sighs of reliefe were heard around the room. "Are you alright?" asked Dr. Stephens.

Cathy just stared at her and put her ear closer to her.

"Are you alright?" She repeated. No answer.

After a few tests, it was confirmed. She spelt it out on a piece of paper for Cathy, but spoke it to her mother and the rest of her friends and family. "Due to this tumor, Catherine has lost her sense of hearing."