|| chapter 4 ||

Feidra sat curled up in A.J's lap beside Cathy's bed. Nick was wandering the halls with Howie and Brian. Everyone else had gone home. Feidra suddenly jolted up when she heard a soft knock at the door. "Hey dad!" she said when she realized who it was.

"Hey sweetie." He hugged her. "Tabby told me Cat had another headache..."

"Yeah, but she's better now." It was obvious Feidra was ignoring reality. "Hey mom!" she said, looking around her father to see her step-mom, Tonie.

"Hey darlin'." Tonie said in her gentle southern accent.

Even though it was late - 11:00pm - Feidra's dad, Mark, handed her two Happy Meal boxes from Mc Donald's for her and Cathy. "They were suppost to be dinner, but there was an accident on the main highway so they're a little late." Mark laughed, but didn't mean it towards the accident.

"Yeah, we all heard the ambulences leaving and returning. Cathy was a little scared." Feidra looked over at her sister. Cathy was sitting starit up in her bed.

"I was not!"

"...and that's all." Nick finished. He had just told his kissing Tabatha story to Howie.

"Wow. That's really cool, but - " before Howie could finish, a little girl in a pink Barbie nightgown walked up to them. She looked no older than 5 or 6.

"C'you sign this, pwease?" She asked, thrusting a copy of the Millenium CD up to them.

"Sure. Who should we make it out to?" Brian asked, kneeling down.

"Kaytie and my mommy, Shannon and my new baby brover, James."

"Alright." He smiled st her and began joting down a little note.

When Brian finished, he passed it to Nick and then it went to Howie and then he handed it back to Kaytie.

"Thanks you." she grinned, showing one missing front tooth, and then she turned and ran down the hall.

"How cute." Nick commented just as Tabatha rounded the corner.

"Huh?" she looked up from a file to be face-to-face with him. She blushed and looked away as he did, too. "Oh, hey guys."

"Hey." Howie smiled, nudging Nick in the ribs.

"Hey Tabs." He said after nearly falling over. "Um...well I guess we'll, ah, see ya' later. We were heading to the um...cafeteria." He walked past her quickly and Brain and Howie just looked at each other and shrugged and then followed him.

"I was not, I was not, I was NOT!" Cathy nearly screamed, but still tryed not to wake other patients.

"Huh?" A.J. jumped and then noticed Mark and Tonie.

"Done napping?" Mark joked.

"Funny." A.J. stood up, stretched, and then resumed his spot in the chair. Little did any of them know that this would be the longest night ever.