|| chapter 3 ||

Dr.Stephens had walked into the waiting room about the same time as Nick.

"Hey Nick! What did you do? Fall in?" A.J. joked as Nick sat down beside him.

Dr.Stephens then broke up the laughter. "Feidra? Catherine had another headache..."

"Oh shit! Is she alright?" Feidra was already on her feet and waking to the door.

"Yes, she's fine. We had to give her another needle, but it calmed her down instantly." She stopped Feidra when she went to walk past her. "Catherine is sleeping now. She really needs the sleep so please leave her alone for a bit."

After a short sigh of reliefe, Feidra nodded her head and went back to her seat on the other side of A.J.

The doctor left after talking to another person who was waiting for test results on their grandmother.

A.J. decided to enlighten the moment with the subject of Nick. "So? You never answered my question." He had to tap Nick's shoulder to gain his attention.

"Oh, sorry. Uh, no. I decided to take a little walk after I went to the bathroom and I caught up with Tabs and we talked...and then she had to go so I headed back up here..." His mind pondered the thought of Tabatha for a girlfriend. He began recalling that sweet kiss that they had shared...it wasn't any normal type of kiss either, it was a kiss.

2 hours later, Cathy opened her eyes to see her mother siting in a chair over by the window crying. "Mum? You okay?"

"Huh?" She started and looked up. "Oh, yes. Sorry Catherine."

"Why are you crying?" Cathy pressed the up button on her bed.

"Because I am the worst mother ever and now I am getting pay back for my mistakes." She put her head into her hands and began crying harder.

Cathy helped herself out of the bed, and even with the IV trailing behind her, she managed to walk over to her mother. She tapped her mother's arm and she looked up again. Cathy climbed into her mother's lap and they cried together.

"Damn, I'm hungry!"

"Alex!" Fiedra slapped his arm lightly as they walked to the hospital cafeteria.

"Hey, can I talk to ya' a sec - in private?" Nick said quietly to Brian.

"Um...sure" They were both lagging behind the group. "Hey Leigh?" Brian said when he caught up.

"Yeah?" LeighAnne gave him a quick kiss.

"I'll be right back. Nick wants to talk to me." He gave her a little wink that implied that this was important.

"Alright." She gave him another kiss and then Brian stopped walking to wait for Nick.

Nick decided that they had to discuss this somewhere private - so he picked the bathroom.

"Man, we're acting like women! What kind of self - respecting guygoes to the bathroom to 'discuss'?" Brian laughed and then realized that Nick was not in that kind of mood.

"Me and Tabatha kissed." Nick finally blerted out.

"Awesome! You found yourself a new girlie!"

"No Brian. It wasn't like anormal kiss, it was like a 5th-dat, open-mouth, toung hockey kiss..."

"Woah! It sounds like you two already had things for each other!"

"Well...I was pretty suspicious of her for me, but I sware I never even thought of dating her! "

"Maybe it was just...fate..."