|| chapter 2 ||

"Hey Tabs, wait up!" Nick jogged up to Tabatha as she pushed an elderly woman in a wheelchair.

Tabatha's body got suddenly tense when he caught up to her. "Oh, um hey Nick." She smiled and then press the down button for the elevator.

"Who are you, boy? You're a handsome boy. Tabby, do you know this boy? He is a handsome boy. You two should go out together." The old woman smiled at revealed a mouth empty of teeth.

Both of their faces turned red and they both looked away. Then when they turned back, Tabatha winked at Nick. "Gramma, this is my boyfriend, Nick. Nick, this is my grandmother."

"Oh how sweet! What a nice boy you are! You can just call me Elly. Yup, Elly it is!" She smiled again and the elevator doors opened mid-smile.

Once inside the moving box, Tabatha leaned over to Nick and whispered, "Just play along, you will not believe the lecture she would have given not only me, but you as well about the birds and the bees and how boys and girls are meant to be together."

They both laughed and got off at the ground floor. Tabatha pushed Elly towards the physical therapy room. When they reached a door reading "Employees with patients only beyond this point," Nick had to leave.

"Bye Tabs! Nice to meet you, Elly." He went to turn, but Elly grabbed his arm.

"Gimme a little kiss sweetie." She said, so he leaned over and gave the woman a kiss on her cheek.

"Now her, but she's your girl." Now it was Elly's turn to wink at Nick.

Tabatha and Nick, both very nervously, leaned in and...

"Owwwwwwwwww" I have a headache!!!" Cathy yelled as she held her head. "Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!" She screamed louder.

A nurse quickly dashed into the room. "Oh dear, what is the problem?" She picked up the clipboard at the end of Cathy's bed and read over it quickly. "Oh no..." She ran over and hit the emergacy help button by Cathy's bed.

One of Cathy's doctors, Dr. Angela Stephens, and another nurse rushed itno the room. "Quick! I need the needle!" With the two nurses holding her down, Dr. Stephens inserted a needle into the large wlet on Cathy's head. She began screaming even louder when it went in, but slowly calmed as her doctor pulled the needle out. "You okay now sweetheart?" She asked.

"Yeah, thanks Dr. Angie." Cathy sighed and closed her eyes. Every time another headache came, Cathy carried the fear that that headache could be the one to end it all.

After the doctor and the nurses left, Cathy rubbed her head, which was bald from the kemo, and then ran her hand back toi the large tumor stuck to her brain on the back right side of her head. Cathy began crying harder and harder as she knew that this horrible thing would eventually be the cause of her death. Within a few minutes, she had cried herslef to sleep.

Nick's mouth was locked to Tabatha's. They open-mouthed it until Nick finally slid his toung inside Tabby's mouth, roaming every part of it. She did the same and then they parted and just stared at each other.

Tabatha turned quickly so she faced away. "Bye Nick..." She pushed Elly through the doors.

He watched her until she made a turn, then he made his own turn and headed to the elevators to meet up with the rest of the gang in the 2nd floor waitng room.