|| chapter 1 ||

"Hi Tabby! Where's my sister?" Tabatha Easttric worked at a hospital nearly every day and many of the patients had taken a strong liking to her - especially 12-year-old Catherine D'Anginitto who was a rather tiny girl suffering from brain cancer.

"She'll be here soon; she had to go eat supper with Alex and his friends." Tabatha carefully folded some sheets and placed them neatly in the closet.

"Which friends?" Cathy asked in a sing-song voice. "Did they go with Nick? Hmmm?"


"Well why didn't you go?! You could have asked him out!"

"Asked who out?" In walked Alex, usually known as A.J., with Feidra D'Anginitto, Cathy's sister, and the rest of the gang - Nick, Howie, Kevin, Kristen, Brian, and Leighanne.

"Oh hey guys. Just ignore her." Tabatha smiled at Cathy. "Well I gotta' go so I'll see ya' later!" She walked out of the room and once safely away, she let out the breathe that she had been holding in.

"Hi Fay!" Cathy hugged her older sister. "Mum stopped by today."

"Cool. So how are she and Dad?" Feidra hopped up on the empty bed beside Howie and A.J.

"No, not Tonie. Mom stopped by today." she stressed the 'mom' as best she could, making sure Feidra knew she was taking about their real mother this time and not Antoinette, their step-mom.

"Oh and what did the bitch have to say?" Feidra had always hated their mother ever since she had just up and left when she was 11 and Cathy was 2. They had seen her all of 8 times in those past 10 years.

"She gave me this teddy." Cathy held it up. "And those flowers on the window sill." The arangement was humongous. It had roses and lilies - Cathy's favorites - and a few others. "And she gave me hug."

"That all just shows nothing if she were a real mother she'ld still be here." Feidra snorted, shocked that her mother would acctually spend money on one of her children.

"But she is." Everyone's attention was drawn to the doorway where a tall, slim, blonde woman stood.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Feidra got up as her mother walked to Cathy's bedside.

"Supporting my baby daughter, what does it look like?" She kissed Cathy on top of her head. "Come here Feidra Louise, let me give you a hug."

"No." She turned to A.J. "Soory Alex, I'm not feeling too well. I should go." She kissed him and then stormed as quick as possible out of the room.

Feidra slammed right into Tabatha as she ventured down the hall. "Woah! Fay! What's wrong?"

"Sorry. My mum's here." She looked at the floor and walked quickly past Tabatha.

Tabatha sighed and continued walking. This was going to be a long night.