|| prolouge ||

'"Mommy" the blonde boy screamed, some what exited probably because this was his little sisters first word, but no one came at first then a man ran in grabbed the little girl and ran off leaving the boy in shock' I woke up quickly, the dream had started again. The first time I remember having that dream was when I turned twelve. It lasted a year before stopping. Every December I would have the dream once a week and this year on my eighteenth birthday, the dream started coming daily. It was the middle of January and my family and the only friend I had told thought I was crazy.

***at the same time in another part of town***

'"It's not funny anymore, I give up, you can come out now B" the dark haired thirteen year old yelled. He had been playing hide and seek with his two year old sister and he couldn't find her any where. Just then he saw a figure dressed head to toe in black run out of the house holding a bundle' Baylee woke up, the dream had started last christmas and she still hadn't told anyone about it. The dream was bugging her and now she wasn't getting enough sleep and her boyfriend was the only one who noticed something wrong.

***twenty minutes later at a small pink house downtown***

'The Puerto Rican boy yelled "Angel where are you, Mom Angel ran off again" or so he thought Angel was three and the boy was twelve years old and got annoyed with his little sister running off all the time' Angel woke up she hated that dream because it just reminded her of her old habit of running off. She had had that habit since she was two and she kept running off in her sleep to this day if the door wasn't kept locked at night. Angel hadn't felt comfortable to tell people of the habit let alone the dream that she had been having since her birthday in September.