|| chapter 4 ||

In Melanie's room

"Bye Mom....I'll call you soon....Uh-huh......Love you too.....Bye." Just as I hung up Tina came into the room.

"Hey Teens. What's up?"

"The guys are going to a club tonight. They invited us. Wanna come?"

"Sure. I have nothing better to do here anyway."

"Awesome! Maybe you will get a chance with Nick after all." I blushed when she mentioned his name. I had this crush on him since forever. And she thought that maybe this job as one of their dancers will boost my chances with him but I was doubting that notion.

"It'll never happen Teens. Nick has a girlfriend remember?"

"Yeah so?"

"So my point is that it'll never happen!"

"Oh all right have it your way. C'mon let's go get ready."

In Nick and Brian's room

"Nick, are you coming?"

"If Mandy's up to it, then I'm coming."

"Aww c'mon Nick. Why is everything up to HER? Don't you have any fun anymore?"

"She is my girlfriend..."

"So? It doesn't mean she can control your life, take your money, and have everything her way. For crying out loud you're 20 years old and you're being treated like a 2 year old."

"I guess you're right. I need to loosen up a bit."

"Besides I heard that one of the dancers really has it for you."

"Oh really? Who is it?"

"I'm not telling you."

"C'mon tell me. I don't want to give the wrong ideas."

"Oh all right. Her name's Mel."

"I haven't met her yet."

"I have and she's real nice. She's really pretty too. She's athletic, funny, openhearted and is so sweet. You really oughta meet her."

"You know. Maybe I will take up on that offer. What time are we leaving?" Nick asked smiling.

"Brian laughed and answered, "At 7:30 so be ready."

In Vanessa and Amanda's Room



"Are you ready?"

"Yeah hold on. I just need to spray my hair done and add some clips. I'll be right out."

"Okay but hurry it up. It's 7:25 already."

"Okay okay. I'm done. How do I look?" Nessa asked coming into the room.

"Looking good!"

"Thanks! You look great too! That will surely catch \ AJ's eye."

"I'm not going after him!"

"Sure whatever! C'mon let's go!"

In Howie and AJ's Room

"Dude, you ready yet?"

"No, I have to get my hair done."

"Well leave it a mess. No one will care."

"AJ, you know I never go anywhere without getting my hair fixed."

"Fine you stay here and get it fixed. I'm gonna go downstairs and see if anyone else is finished."

"See you down there then."

"Yup. Peace."

In Jenni's Room

"Aren't you coming Mandy?"

"Coming where?"

"The guys are going to a club. They invited us girls to come along. We're leaving in 10 minutes."

"Oh that. No I'm not going. I'm already meeting some old friends at some other club."

"Oh have fun then!" Jenni said leaving Mandy alone in their room.

"I'm sure I will." Mandy said with an evil grin.

Back with Nick....


"All set." Just as the guys were leaving, Mandy came in.

"I'll see you downstairs Frack." Brain whispered leaving. Nick nodded his head and walked over to Mandy.

"Hey sweetie!"

"Hi pumpkin."

"Sorry I have to leave you all alone tonight."

"It's okay. I'm meeting some friends and they're taking me out to a club tonight. I won't be all by myself."

"That's gre-"

"Yeah it is but I'm broke. So can i have some money?"

"Sure." he said handing her a couple of twenties. "Have fun tonight. I'll see you first thing."

"Sure. Bye!" she said giving him one last kiss.

In the Lobby...

"What's taking them so long?" asked Amanda. Just when the girls were about to go back upstairs to see if anyone else was done, AJj, Mel, Tina, and Brian came down.

"I never knew you guys would take so long."

"Who are we waiting for?" asked Tina.

"Nick is upstairs with his girlfriend. I think he's in trouble."

"And Howie's doing his hair."

"I'm not in trouble." Nick said walking into the room.

"And I'm right here. We can go now."

"Great! Let's go party!" the girls said in unison.